Willem Dafoe and Matt Dillon Head to ‘Whiskey Bay’

Producer Chris Brinker will make his directorial debut with this drama about a former Aryan Brotherhood member who tries to expose their secrets.

Willem Dafoe will join Matt Dillon in Whiskey Bay
Willem Dafoe will join Matt Dillon in Whiskey Bay
Willem Dafoe and Matt Dillon have signed on to star in Whiskey Bay, an independent feature that marks the directorial debut of producer Chris Brinker (Boondock Saints).

The story centers on a longtime cop (Willem Dafoe) who arrests a notorious member of the Aryan Brotherhood (Matt Dillon). Although the former neo-Nazi is just trying to put his life back together, he agrees to go undercover to shut down his former operation.

Jonny Hirschbein wrote the screenplay, with Scott Einbinder, Matthew Rhodes, Jim Crabbe, Nancy Green-Keyes, and Kevin Chapman producing. Shooting will take place in New Orleans, although it isn't known when production will begin.

Willem Dafoe last starred in John Carter, and will next be seen in Odd Thomas. Matt Dillon stars in Imogene, which debuts at the Toronto Film Festival next month.

Sources: Deadline

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