Will 'Batman Vs. Superman' Feature Two Batsuits?

Ben Affleck is rumored to wear both the traditional grey and blue suit as well as an armored suit in this 'Man of Steel' sequel.

Latino Review is at it again with their constant 'big scoop' rumors, today confirming from various inside sources that there will be two Batsuits featured in Batman Vs. Superman.

The first suit is the one we've heard about before, which both Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck's wife Jennifer Garner have seen. It is reportedly a more traditional grey and blue suit, yet at the same time, its like nothing we've ever seen before. There will also be a second suit that is made of armor.

This is what Latino Review first had to say about the two suits featured in Batman Vs. Superman.

"The more interesting thing I've heard is that Batman will actually wear 2 Batsuits in the film, but where as Grey-and-Blue has already been designed and Ben Affleck has worn it, the second Batsuits is more armored like the one in the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Kingdom Come comics."

More info was later revealed about the armored suit, which was issued with a warning that this has not been confirmed by anyone from the studio.

"According to the source, the plating is silver/white. The plates are attached to a black undercloth. The plates don't cover his entire body. We see the black undercloth at the joints. Supposedly, it looks incredible. Equally, or maybe even better-looking than the other suit and it's leagues above and beyond Christian Bale's suit from what I'm told."

The source responsible for this story assures fans that our first look at Ben Affleck in one of the two suits will come in late February or early May. One of the suits maybe saved for a big screen reveal.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes to theaters March 25th, 2016 and stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg, Jeremy Irons. The film is directed by Zack Snyder.

Sources: Latino Review

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Comments (12)

  1. Shaun Jones

    sorry to say but kevin smith and jeniffer whatever her name is never said it was a more traditional suit at all, they said it was something uve never seen before..... how on earth does that translate as "traditional" lol, there answers where as bad as this piece of "news"

    6 months agoby @Shaun-JonesFlag

  2. undeadslayer4

    @superman81 agreed but even MOS didnt go traditional they even put some more detail in there maybe theyll do it with batman as well

    9 months agoby @undeadslayer4Flag

  3. undeadslayer4

    @Brizzy i would go for the second suit that looks way better

    9 months agoby @undeadslayer4Flag

  4. Brizzy

    From what they're describing here, it's a mixture of the Noel and Origins batsuits.

    9 months agoby @BrizzyFlag

  5. CoreyB

    I cant wait to see the suit but I bet now with the delay we dont get a pic until atleast May or June when they start shooting. Things are gonna have to slow down sooner or later with the 10 month delay (which I think rules because they need to take their time with it.) Putting it to 2016 is a good thing seperates it even more from the near flawless Dark Knight Trilogy.

    9 months agoby @CoreyBFlag

  6. Superman81

    I have been waiting to see the grey/blue batsuit on the big screen, and not the one Adam West wore. I also hope the armored one isnt bulky and horrible looking like the one in DKR. That suit looked like he was wearing "hockey pads"

    9 months agoby @superman81Flag

  7. ridgl

    I don't care until I get a picture of one. Heck, a blurry satelite photo will be fine.

    9 months agoby @ridglFlag

  8. Sean


    9 months agoby @themoviefanaticFlag

  9. ObiWanShinobi

    I hope they don't fail with the whole two batsuits thing like Joel Schumacher & his crew did

    9 months agoby @ObiWanShinobiFlag

  10. Bane5000

    "...the second Batsuits is more armored like the one in the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Kingdom Come comics."

    I hope he does wear the suit in a fight with Supes ala The Dark Knight Returns book

    9 months agoby @bane5000Flag