Wesley Snipes Interested in a 4th ‘Blade’ Movie

The actor reveals that he would come back to the franchise if they had the right script.

Snipes wants more Blade
Snipes wants more Blade
It seems that Wesley Snipes could be donning the black trench coat and sword once again. Arrow In the Head recently spoke with Snipes at the junket for his upcoming film Brooklyn's Finest, and Snipes said that he might possibly come back for a fourth Blade film.

Snipes said that there has been some talk about a Blade 4 and that he would be interested if the script was right.

Snipes didn't mention whether or not there is an actual script out there yet, or if someone is working on it, so it seems this is in the very early stages of development. The last film in the series, Blade: Trinity, written and directed by David S. Goyer, starred Snipes along with Kris Kristofferson, Jessica Biel, Dominic Purcell, Ryan Reynolds, Parker Posey, Ashley Scott and Steve Braun.

We'll be sure to keep you posted with any new developments on a new Blade film as soon as we have more information.

Blade was released August 19th, 1998 and stars Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff, Kris Kristofferson, N'Bushe Wright, Donal Logue, Udo Kier, Arly Jover, Traci Lords. The film is directed by Stephen Norrington.

Blade: Trinity was released December 10th, 2004 and stars Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Dominic Purcell, Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds, Parker Posey, Mark Berry, John Michael Higgins. The film is directed by David S. Goyer.

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Comments (53)


    Even though I would like to see this happen, Snipes run at Blade is over. The character has gone back to Marvel, and they aren't going to make a rated R film now that they are linked with Disney.

    2 years agoby @Number1WolverineFlag

  2. Jose Figueroa

    Marvel would make a bad decision in replacing Wesley Snipes as Blade, I hope they don't do the same mistake like with Edward Norton. bladeforthisera.blogspot.com/

    2 years agoby @Jose-FigueroaFlag

  3. CUPID


    4 years agoby @cupidFlag

  4. incmob

    isnt he still in prison?? anyhow, blade: Trinity sucked in my opinion. Although snipes own and made this role his own, i think that that trinity put such a bad taste in my mouth i might have a hard time letting them make up for that. of course if the script is good, and the story well thought out, it might be worth it.

    4 years agoby @incmobFlag

  5. Summit10

    Snipes is still the man for this character, hope he just takes care of his tax concerns...

    4 years agoby @summit10Flag

  6. Messenger

    Blade 3 was horrible, end of the story and if you say differently you know nothing.

    There were things in the B3 that I really enjoyed but it was just plain bad after the few good points.

    4 years agoby @messengerFlag

  7. WongFu

    Marvel does need their characters back, I want a few crossovers to happen.
    As of Blade, I heard it's being rebooted without Snipes.

    4 years agoby @instead8909Flag

  8. ParkWilliams

    @Josh: Dammit. This is exactly why I wish Marvel had all their characters back.

    5 years agoby @azadorFlag

  9. Err

    i didn't like any of the blade movies but i keep watching them, hoping the next one will be the one i don't loathe.

    5 years agoby @err2005Flag

  10. Josh

    @ParkWilliams: Not gonna happen for the same reason a Daredevil/Spidey crossover isn't. Sony owns Spiderman and Time Warner/New Line owns Blade.

    5 years agoby @shuabertFlag

  11. Radimus-83

    After reading Moviejunkie1's comment. I can only picture him/her as a 13 year old with braces who has absolutely no taste.

    5 years agoby @radimus-83Flag

  12. ParkWilliams

    How about a Blade/Spiderman crossover with Morbius as the villain? I'd like to see a movie of that. They did in the animated series and it worked great.

    5 years agoby @azadorFlag

  13. Josh

    @Volsci: Trinity could also be referring to the team of Blade, Hannibal, and Whistler who partnered up in the film.

    5 years agoby @shuabertFlag

  14. Volsci

    No thank you. Trinity means 3 and that was really enough.

    5 years agoby @volsciFlag

  15. Moviejunkie1

    Blade Trinity was the best. While I LOVED Blade I, the lack of chemistry between Snipes and...the hematologist (can't recall her name) was annoying. Blade II was just bad. Blade Trinity was the bees knees! LOL. I will not watch another one without Wesley Snipes. He is not my favorite actor by any means, but for this franchise, he is very necessary! Bring on Blade 4 and make sure Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds are in it!

    5 years agoby @moviejunkie1Flag

  16. Vanboy

    Blade one was the best.

    5 years agoby @vanboyFlag

  17. Josh

    @illuminati: Gonna have to disagree. I think Blade II is better than the first, and I loved the action scenes because they felt like a comic book fight scene is supposed to look.

    5 years agoby @shuabertFlag

  18. Illuminati

    Not looking forward to this, too bad. BLADE is a great character, but it's gotten exponentially worse!

    BLADE 1- stylish shots, great dark/electronica mood. Good speedy origin, no love interest(a good thing), nice touch into the vampire lore. Great mix of gunfight & swordplay action! AWESOME, AWESOME villain; Deacon Frost is too much fun, and Stephen Dorffs' best moment!

    BLADE 2 - overdid the CGI, action scenes looked a 'bit' rubbery. Vampire hunting team promised good chemistry, but didn't gel. The concept of the 'common enemy' was also a good idea, but didn't deliver. And worst of all villain evoke more sympathy than threat. Fun to watch, but nothing great.

    BLADE 3 - one of the worst films i've ever seen! It became so utterly useless, the initally annoying comic reliefs(Parker Posey & Ryan) actually turned out the be the ONLY redeeming elements! I hated Jessica Biel and didn't buy her 'GIRLFIGHT' mode. (the aftermath of my friends getting killed certainly is the best time to organize my ipod!). The vampire hunters looked like a geek squad rejects! The sorry excuse for a villian(sorry purcell) looked like a wooden model rejected from the WWE!!!

    5 years agoby @illuminatiFlag

  19. Batman Rules !!!

    *if the script is right* good luck with that 1 buddy. Blade 3 was meh. Only good thing out of it was jessica biel pretty much nude

    5 years agoby @the-fallenFlag

  20. Josh

    I'd like to see a fourth film. I love the first two; the third is okay. I think they need to go back to Blade's roots though, if they're going to do a fourth. What makes the character work so well is him NOT having sidekicks/helpers who fight with him.

    5 years agoby @shuabertFlag

  21. TheMime

    This guy is still fit a guy, there's no disagreement there. But sooner or later he won't be able to make those 50 ft jumps and all that, Ya get me?..

    5 years agoby @themimeFlag

  22. Cripple

    I am game for this.

    5 years agoby @crippleFlag

  23. AnnoyingFilmCritic

    Hell yeah! I've been wanting Snipes to return as Blade for a long time...again, Hell yeah!

    5 years agoby @annoyingfilmcriticFlag

  24. Mwheeler1324

    YES! The need to make a Blade 4, to make up for the Blade: trinity one! Pretend they never made it! The 1st two movies were GREAT! So get a Goood script first and lets make it happen and it has to be Rated R. Not PG-13 or it will not work! Snipes & David S. Goyer disagreed on the 3rd Blade Snipes didn't like alot of the comedy & storyline! So Snipes was Right because it did tank at the movies! So listen to the man next time! people want to see BLADE AGAIN done the right waythis time OK!***

    5 years agoby @mwheeler1324Flag

  25. Vanboy

    Part 2 sucked sewage water also. Snipes did not play Blade cool, like he did in the original. He was all sarcastic and everything. I did not like it at all. It was like Blade got c*cky or something. Remember when he said to Ron Perlman, "Oooooh, I'm scared", with that dumbass grin? Blade wouldn't act that way. He might say "You got me shaking in my shoes", and never even crack a smile. The humor would be delivered better if he didn't smile.

    The only thing I hated about Trinity, was how Blade acted all pissed off when Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds saved him from his captors, and he insults them when they get back to their lair. They saved his ass and he was a total indignant a-hole! And I did care for the great Dracula getting his ass kicked and then acting all honorable. He needs to take his ass back to prison (break).

    And that Kris Kristopherson cameo was just plain stupid. How did Dracula know that Kristopherson (Whistler) had anything to do with that other group or even Blade for that matter? Whistler was dead and gone before Dracula was even woke up, right? Did he see a picture of him lying around somewhere? Maybe I'm forgetting something.

    I welcome a fourth, as long as we get the original Blade. Oh, and I guess Snipes isn't disenchanted with the franchise anymore. After hearing some of the things he said about his screen time on Trinity, it seemed like he'd never come back. I guess the visit from the taxman made him reconsider, huh?

    Well, it's good to see him getting back in the saddle again. No more home gym infomercials for him. Even though he really needs to hit the gym before production starts on B4.

    5 years agoby @vanboyFlag

  26. Buriblazing

    go wesley make a come back

    5 years agoby @buriblazingFlag

  27. Buriblazing

    3d blade that would be cool

    5 years agoby @buriblazingFlag

  28. Mmm_mmm

    I'm going to make a movie about a rag tag group of misfit marine snipers caught behind enemy lines. And I'm going to call it 'Snipes'. And I want Wesley Snipes to be the gruff leader with a heart of gold in the movie 'Snipes'.


    5 years agoby @mmm-mmmFlag

  29. Buriblazing

    bring it! love all 3 movies

    5 years agoby @buriblazingFlag

  30. ChuChi

    part 3 was bad!!! it ddint feel like a big epic conclusion. they should make part 4. and make it epic big.... part 2 feels more as a conclusion of a trilogy than 3... but i have a question,,,,,,,,,, now that disney has marvel, are they gonna allow a R rating film? if they make it pg-13.... i wouldnt see it

    5 years agoby @josedrosaFlag

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