Watch the First ‘Aliens Vs. Predator Requiem’ Trailer!

The first trailer is an R-Rated look at footage from the film!

Sources: IGN

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Comments (35)

  1. Jamz

    avp r is the best out of alien and predator

    7 years agoby @jamzFlag

  2. Jamz


    7 years agoby @jamzFlag

  3. shadowAKA086


    7 years agoby @shadowaka086Flag

  4. shadowAKA086


    7 years agoby @shadowaka086Flag


    Did I just see a Predator holding two aliens? Now that a badass Predator.

    8 years agoby @kintaro88Flag

  6. Blade UK

    Now this is what fans want to see, AvP with attitude!
    Back to when Aliens & Predators kick ass.....can't wait for movie release in UK. I'm sure I caught a glimpse of a female predator.....Cool!

    8 years agoby @kevdaley1Flag

  7. justinishulk

    yea! i love that movie and i can't wait to see it!!!

    8 years agoby @justinishulkFlag

  8. Kaya Savas

    wow, what a piece of poo. No one can come even close to Ridley Scott's master horror, James Cameron's action extraveganza, or even David Fincher's clausterphobic suspense. This along with the first one will sit right along with Alien Ressurection as a reminder that there is such a thing as enough is enough.

    8 years agoby @kayaFlag

  9. The Kwisatz Haderach

    sweet monkey this looks cool. Though I would love to see some Colonial Marines fighting predator and aliens.

    8 years agoby @the-kwisatz-haderachFlag

  10. sytax420

    sweet i can't wait

    8 years agoby @sytax420Flag

  11. arturo


    8 years agoby @arturoFlag

  12. jddesigned

    Mom... I'm gonna be late for Christmas dinner

    8 years agoby @jddesignedFlag

  13. The Kwisatz Haderach

    Sweet Monkey! That looks sick, makes the fist AVP movie look like ginger beer!

    8 years agoby @the-kwisatz-haderachFlag

  14. jonegoesmixing

    Alien Vs Predator sequel looks really appealing for the blood thirsty. The speical effects look very gory and why not - I can't wait to see these two aliens do battle once more. I really enjoyed the first alien vs predator and have been a fan of the alien and predator movies for years now. Bring it on!

    8 years agoby @jonegoesmixingFlag

  15. vaver16

    WOW, i was not expecting it to be bloody and gory, this one is how the the 1st one should of been like, i cant wait for this movie to come out!!!

    8 years agoby @vaver16Flag

  16. artkid04

    Looks cool! Just hope they change the graphics for the title, looks real cheesy!

    8 years agoby @artkid04Flag

  17. Yahzee

    I liked the first film, but it had nothing to do against any of the films from either franchise (even Predator 2)
    It seems like this is gonna really make this new franchise worth. I hope the Aliens will kick some serious Predator&#180s ass.
    By the way Alien: Resurrection is great

    8 years agoby @yahzeeFlag

  18. fulanete

    I only hope this one is really good and not full of crap and contradictions like the first AVP and I hope so for the good sake of 2 of the most interesting entities created for movies. maybe watching them together it's too much

    8 years agoby @fulaneteFlag


    HolySh*t. Just seeing this trailer reminds me of how crappy the first one really is. I can't wait to see this one.

    8 years agoby @kintaro88Flag

  20. Timmy

    holy crap. was not expecting that. AWESOME!

    8 years agoby @timmyFlag

  21. WonderWomyn

    We are FINALLY going to see Aliens on earth above ground instead of on a ship or in a tomb! This is what ALIEN 4 should have been.

    8 years agoby @wonderwomyn74Flag

  22. esabacz

    Can not wait till this one comes out.

    The first AVP was great, and looks like this one is going to be even better. Just can not wait.

    8 years agoby @esabaczFlag

  23. Frenzy2001

    It looks OK to me. It seems mildly cheesy, but I will still see it.

    8 years agoby @frenzy2001Flag

  24. fruzlijoe

    hell yea this looks immense, and it looks like both aliens and predator are at their lethal best, killing all over the show, plus predator has 2 shoulder cannons!!

    also seems we get to see the hybrid , thinks its in the trailer, about 1min 13 secs in

    8 years agoby @fruzlijoeFlag

  25. serrandy7

    I'm glad the Predator looks like the original (slim) and not like in AVP-1 where he looked fat/bloated because of the extra padding and body armor.

    8 years agoby @serrandy7Flag

  26. ruzgob


    8 years agoby @ruzgobFlag

  27. adam_c

    this is very impressive! i can't wait to watch this!

    8 years agoby @adam-cFlag

  28. sada_alherman

    It's very nice....
    I can't wait long time ..
    please tell me this movie is part for another part or what...

    8 years agoby @sada-alhermanFlag

  29. Jarod


    8 years agoby @jarodFlag

  30. Stryker

    sh*ts crazy, cant wait 2 c it

    8 years agoby @strykerFlag

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