Warner Bros. Picks Up ‘The Devil in the White City’

Graham Moore will write the screenplay for this Leonardo DiCaprio project based on Erik Larson’s non-fiction novel.

Warner Bros. picks up The Devil in the White City for Leonardo DiCaprio
Warner Bros. picks up The Devil in the White City for Leonardo DiCaprio
Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to Erik Larson's non-fiction book The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic And Madness At The Fair That Changed America.

Leonardo DiCaprio will star as Dr. HH Holmes in this tale about a Chicago serial killer stalking prey at the World's Fair. Graham Moore will write the screenplay.

There is no set start date for The Devil in the White City. Production is expected to start early next year.

The Devil in the White City was released in 2013.

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Comments (7)

  1. Waseem Abbas Burfat

    this dude rock hollywood movies

    3 years agoby @Waseem-Abbas-BurfatFlag

  2. Cripple

    Very nice, have high hopes for this.

    3 years agoby @crippleFlag

  3. zeus

    @k-man Just read a little on the guy, a real sicko, this will be an interesting movie, to be honest i personally think this will be good for someone like David Fincher

    3 years agoby @zeusFlag

  4. K-Man

    This is the "thriller" that I've been looking forward to.....well, as long as they get a great director.

    I'm reading this book right now and let me tell you, if you dont know who HH Holmes is, you will soon enough. He was one sick son of a bitch who built an entire hotel, custom-made to suit his murderous needs, with secret rooms, shoots to throw the bodies down and even a furnace to burn bodies in the bottom foundation. To put that sick f*ck into perspective, Jack the Ripper who was doing his sick killings right around the same time, killed around 11 people (and everyone knows who he is) whereas HH Holmes killed a confirmed 27 people.....and is estimated to have killed around 200 people in his hotel, which was built to accomodate the Chicago World Fair Circa 1893.

    While I dont like exploiting real life deaths, I have to admit that for a non-fiction thriller, this one has a lot of potential to adapt well to the big screen.
    I'm pumped to see Leonardo finally take on the role of a bad guy (I know that he will do the same in Django Unchained....but this is pretty extreme).

    Leo has a past of choosing projects based heavily on who is directing them. Therefore, I'm really hoping that Leo will continue down that path and convince someone like Martin Scorsese or even David Fincher to direct this project.

    3 years agoby @k-manFlag

  5. ChiRep_1

    Sounds interesting enough.

    3 years agoby @ChiRep-1Flag

  6. Waseem Abbas Burfat

    looking awesome

    3 years agoby @Waseem-Abbas-BurfatFlag

  7. Killpack

    This I will see

    3 years agoby @killpackFlag

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