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This could be interesting...she is HOT! But I agree guys Jimmy is needed. This is either a pre-cursor or a casting hiccup. We already have an balding english actor in a padded suit as Supes, a 40-year old Lois Lane, a black Perry White, so at this point does it matter?
He looks nothing like Supes. He looks like a regular joe blow in a padded suit with a receeding hairline.
Ok, here we go again. More propoganda (marketing) coming from the MOS camp. Come on! Do you guys really think she is going to come out and say HC did an ok job as Supes? Or HC did not give all his best to the part? Or, HC was sh*t as the Man of Steel? Bottom-line, this movie has a 50-50 shot of being great or being a bomb. On the pro-side, there is the Nolan connection and probably a great story along with Snyder's great visual presentation style. On the bad side, half of the cast is bad casting (with the better side being Superman's parents Kent's and El's). Snyder's possible interpretation of Superman (who is a boy scout not Leonidas of Sparta) and the use of another familiar villian (Zod). I love Superman (he is my favorite comic and super-hero character), I am just afraid of all the hype and bullsh*t that might be a let down like Superman Returns or TDKR.
Another reason why Marverl is pounding DC in the movie battlefield, DC does not list to the fans!
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Ok DC, let's see how you can f**k this up too!!!
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I said it once and I'll say it again, why don't they just call the movie "The Dark Kryptonian"?
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looks ok :o{
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Sad but true!!!
What the F***????
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Now this is a real JUSTICE LEAGUE!!!
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This cover blows...and is disrespectful to Marvel's iconic heros who deserve better!
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@skywise...I could not agree with you more. Why f*ck up a perfectly good movie?
@PRpyWGFm80oStq...sorry I forgot you're more interested in and care about his "package"...sorry you'll need to get someone else to comment on that!

@ Cozmo2525...not sure who he's battling, although he doesn't look like the actor playing Zod, maybe another phantom zone villian (hopefully)!
Is everyone blind? Cavil has an athletic build indeed, however, he is not ripped like everyone is mistakenly seeing. If he were that ripped, his neck would be thicker. Look at how disproportionate his neck circ*mference and thickness is compared to his body. Anyone who does any serious powerlifting will tell you the proportions are all wrong. There are muscle prosthetics and inserts inside the suit, you just need to look closer. It's like this guy is wearing a batman suit with the superman uniform on top.
@prof Tripp...if you take out the muscle enhanced inserts from underneath the costume, you will probably have your Superboy again. Take a closer look at the costume, it's like JasonKat alluded to...Batman's, Spiderman's, and Superman's all in one.
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The Dark Kryptonian Rises!!!


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