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I have a 55inch 240hz 1080p HDTV. These people who whine about the picture looking cheap are the ones who want to keep us in the past, if you want to see the true glory of technology of this sort, watch any really good sci-fi movie on a blu-ray or in regular high definition on a tv of this sort. It's ridiculous how amazing it looks. It's the best quality picture I've ever seen on anything. I watch streaming trailers on xbox live or off youtube and they look way better than they do when i see them in theaters at the normal framerate.

For instance, watch any of the trailers for Prometheus, Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises... going forward with movies and tv generally moving in the HD direction, this change has to happen because even though a lot of old movies look great at a higher framerate the only downside is watching old movies that use a lot of green screen at a higher framerate as it looks like very cheap game console variety CGI.

But believe me when I say, if you ever watch Tron Legacy, Captain America, Iron Man 1 and 2, Thor... pretty much any movie with a vivid color palette, you start to understand why it's so amazing. I feel weird when I see trailers for new movies in theaters and I'm thinking, the clarity, the speed, the fluidity of everything is far better on my home tv.
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I'll watch it, and buy the blu-ray... cause these are the kinds of movies I like to entertain me.
Why do all these have 'Stark Industries' printed on them?
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This movie has been out for a while now, I saw this like 6 months ago.

It was okay, very cheesy, and they definitely took the material too seriously with a small budget, it shows that they were trying to create something cool with little money
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That may be the best compliment anyone has ever given Transformers 3
@comicbookfan - I know I'm just messin with ya :p
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these are horrible, they brushed them so much and they are all so close up, they actually managed to make Scarlett look bad
you know @ignitedspade, I must say, I actually agree with you, a lot of movies of late have had this and it is rather annoying as a trend, I understand why it's popular but I think one of the best action franchises to this day is Die Hard and John McClane never had ties to the bad guys in that way, you don't need deep emotional stories for people to relate, sometimes all you need is a hero people can really get behind and a villain they can really despise.
- If you want movies that keep the exact look and feel of the characters, with their costumes and all, go watch Power Rangers :p

lol but seriously, a giant scary half man half lizard ....with a lab coat on, would not be scary, it would just be funny and stupid looking
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This is one of those times, where as a fun I have to just swallow my pride and keep my faith in that the movie is a way better product than their marketing for it.

Especially where they keep putting Tony at the forefront instead of cap. I know that Cap doesn't take the leader role until they realize that the dynamic works better when he's giving ideas but they could have one poster that reflects the respect cap deserves. Still knowing that I am going to respect that in order for the movie to sell in some part of the world they can't have cap be the focus and Tony is the most popular of them all so far.
Even her monologue at the beginning is really bland, who directs these movies? I've seen her in The Runaways so I know when she is actually pushed, she can act, but it's like they aren't even trying
@jasonkat lol saying it might be the best yet is like saying "hey, this might be the nicest smelling turd of this group of turds"
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@junior-roberts I couldn't have said it better.

I think everyone needs to take chill pill. Calm the F**k down, stop jumping to conclusions and being big babies about a title. The title is just a working title, most movies have 'working titles' that are different from what they're titled at release. Not to mention even if it does turn out to be the official title, aren't they Ninja Turtles? Do we have to be told each and every time that they are teenage? or mutant ninja turtles? are we really that loyal to something that amounts to nothing more than brand recognition?

What I'm trying to say people is, we're adults, at least act like it and stop making the rest of us movie lovers look like whiny children.
@mka47 I don't know why I read your post wrong the first time, lol, thanks for agreeing with me, I must be delirious from my doctors visit earlier today
The face should look weird, it's the face of a guy who turns into a lizard :p lol

I hope so
You guys hating on this design are all forgetting that in comics and cartoons the creators and artists don't have to worry about people thinking 'this isn't how a guy would look if he turned into some sort of man/lizard hybrid. In the real world, as an artist on a big scale production you have to consider all those things, the little details that fans might not care about cause they want the original exact look and while nostalgia is all good, it almost always doesn't make for good art/character design. This is the same reason the designers on transformers put so many moving parts into the Transformers and had to think about things like scaling models to fit their car sizes.

This is the same situation, he doesn't turn into a full blown lizard cause obviously the human side of him is still very much existent so part of that would likely come through in the mutation as well. Unless you all want Spiderman to be a spider and DOc ock to be purely mechanical with maybe just a human head or some crap like that, it has to make sense in that particular universe, they try to remember that these characters in a sense are still in a real world and just cause it's all fictional doesn't mean it can't have a logic to it
it's like a who's who of actresses you shouldn't want to see in bikini's cause it just feels creepy
@shuabert Freedom of opinion, yes there are times when movies come out that the masses can agree are horrible. But one can't just insult a group of people for paying money to see a movie simply because one did not enjoy it. People have different tastes

That's why I like to pay attention to the numbers, they always tell a different story, for instance, Transformers as widely hated as it was, was also widely loved and that's why DOTM went on to make over a billion dollars even after we all lambasted Revenge of The Fallen.

The Expendables Box office take
Worldwide: $274,470,394

By who's estimation? cause last I checked, the first movie did very well, and I and every person I know liked this movie... even the people I know who don't really like action movies... also if no one liked it, why are there so many people who are getting invested in this one?

logic 101 people...


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