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@superman81 and @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx

I'm going to say something and I don't want either of you tot ake it the wrong way.

I've been keeping up and reading not only on this thread but on others as well and you 2 keep coming off as either DC or Nolan fans. I'm not saying that immediately makes you crazy raging fanboys but the way you are structuring your posts and reactions isn't helping others' perception of it, namely @Joshua-Hollaway. I'm not defending him, but I can see his point, at the same time, I can see your points, I guess my point is, I can't tell which is the raging fanboy because from a distance it looks like everyone is.

Also @superman81 I'm sorry to point this ut but it doesn't help that you have the superman profile pic and well, username...

I'm not trying to start anything, I'm just pointing out what I see.

I didn't realize that's what you meant, because you said it 'had an oscar winner in it'.

That being said, I have never been a fan of the idea that oscars determine better movies, I've seen actors get oscars for great roles in sh*tty films, and I've seen great movies get oscars that had sh*tty characters... I've also seen many oscar winning actors and actresses make bad movies and give bad performances, so that to me is not a scale of anything other than that single person's performance for the role that grabs them the oscar. And even that sometimes feels forced.
Okay I want a good clean fight... ready? break!

Now everyone go to their corners.

I will say one thing, is you gotta let it go, even if you didn't start the debate or feel you didn't sometimes arguments start because people take things the wrong way.
@superman81 I hear you dude, but I remember that squabble I was there for some of it but I kept up with the comments, though I stopped posting after a while.

I tend to find the most overrated movie of any year when Chris Nolan makes a film, is the film Chris Nolan makes. That aside, I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday and I told him, I loved Avengers but refuse to compare it to the Batman films because they are too different, like comparing Black Hawk Down to The Hurt Locker... both movies are about the military but they are designed distinctly differently from the ground up.

So the argument about oscar winners and award season is also null and void because Avengers is not a film aiming for 'best actor' or 'best screenplay'. But all movies have their place, in the right mood, I'd rather watch a movie like 'A Dangerous method, or 'War Horse' or even 'Hugo' but then some times you want more action, or more comedy, other times you want a good thriller with twists and turns and suspense, and other times, you want a period epic, everything has it's place.

@superman81 Transformers had an oscar winner in it, you're not singing it's praises are you?

Choose to be the bigger man, if you can't have a nice clean chat about things and resort to all out arguing, everyone sounds like a fanboy and accuses everyone of being a fanboy and nobody wins, because everyone looks dumb, and then we wonder why people don't respect the kinds of movies we love.
Oh I love it when a movie does well and the hate begins to pour in... it's like everyone is turning into a hipster all of a sudden. Oh everyone knows about it and it's hugely successful now? it must be horrible now

Again with this Dark Knight vs Avengers sh*t... people! watch the movies you like and move on.

Remember people, In life as in sex, If you're not having any fun, you're doing it wrong.
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@ghostman I've played Arkham Asylum, Only just recently finally got to Arkham City, haven't had nearly enough time but I definitely are great Batman games.
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@ghostman I didn't say I wasn't happy with them, I said I like them, I just feel they could be better, but I'm glad you understand what I'm trying to say.

I don't know I guess I've always been very detail focused and little things like that just bother me more than most.
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You call it nitpicking, I'm not trying to pick apart anyone's argument for what makes these movies good, I've spelled out in detail already why the way they are shot bothers me. I already stated it's not where they are shot, it's that when I watch the movies, all I see is the city they are shot in because aside from things like when they changed the name of the hospital in TDK to Gotham General, the greater detail isn't there. Movies are visual, so if you shoot in a certain city and are trying to convince me it's somewhere else you have to dress it up enough, that's why they are called sets, and Gotham isn't just a location, Gotham is a character in it's own right, it's part of what makes the heroes and villains of what they are.

This is part of why I enjoyed Batman begins more than the Dark Knight, there was a dark gritty feeling to the locations, it really felt like this place that was overrun by criminals of all sorts, it felt like Gotham, like a city you wouldn't feel safe walking down the street in. In TDK I understand there is continuation, I understand that batman has been cleaning up, but it's sooooo clean that the moment I see it, without even thinking about it, my mind raises red flags, I'm not trying to dislike it, but I'm taken out of the experience at that point. That's all I'm saying. And I've said it in a lot of posts on here already, Aesthetically, Stylistically, this Batman is Nolan's Batman and there is no way he'd ever fit into the rest of the DC universe as it stands, and that's not a very bad thing, it's just something that takes me out of the experience as a movie goer who likes that universe.
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can't wait
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Pittsburgh, Newark, LA, the movie was shot in a lot of places. As for The Dark Knight, which that is more in reference to, that was mainly shot in Chicago, and that was part of what bothered me about that film, doesn't matter really, my point is he doesn't try hard enough to make the sets look like the Gotham city portrayed in all of batman lore.

Hence my mention of the batsuit being the only aesthetic connection to the comics.

but I'm done talking on this issue, people will nitpick to their heart's content when they don't like what you say.
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I'm going to watch both movies and I hope both movies are amazing.
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I stand by what I said, love it or hate it, i don't care, it's my opinion. But you come in here and start arguing with me over my words, and claim I'm a marven fanboy when I'm not sitting here saying the Marvel films are the best movies ever. I simply argued that I thought the Batman films could be better, and I thought a different director could do a better job.
I said I liked the story, I liked the characters. But I thought that the complete execution was rather flawed in certain areas. - - - - Aesthetically aside from Batman's suit there is nothing about the batman films that connects it to the batman universe. I even said, I think part of the problem is it's not faithful to the DC universe but my exact words were more like 'This batman can't exist in the rest of the DC Universe', it's too grounded in realism.
And yes, I don't like that fanboys treat it like it's the best thing ever put on film, that doesn't contradict my statements that's another reason that I feel how I feel.
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I wasn't arguing with you, you and I were discussing, not even really debating.

this other guy was trying to get me started. I'm not trying to sound defensive. I just want to be able to have a logical discussion with people without people being raving fans
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"@youngrizo Lol it's funny how you say "I think they are overrated because fans and fanboys rise up and treat them like the end all be all of film. They are not. They are good comic book films and great stories but no more than that." when you're doing the exact same thing for Marvel films. Avatar is a good movie, not the "best" or "greatest" but i sure did enjoy seeing it in IMAX.

and P.S. don't bring in that pile of sh*t Green Lantern that was nowhere near the same level of greatness that TDK was. If it weren't for The Dark Knight we'd still have the same comic book movies that shoved action down our throats and only glorified on visual effects and not an excellently well written script/story."

- @Lord McLovin of MovieWeb

Do you think he's debating?


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