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@superman81 Agreed. That's my view exactly, there's a whole host of movies releasing the rest of the summer and with that, there's no way Avengers beats Avatar's 2.7 billion to become the highest grossing film of all time.

It's just mathematically and logically not feasible... but stranger things have happened.
@kguy I loved Avengers but there is no way it's hitting Avatar numbers... if it dropped at the end of the summer and did these numbers. It would have a chance but between the next few weeks worth of movies and Batman at the tail end.... they don't have enough time

Then again, I didn't think it would break 900 million total and here it has breached 1 billion in no time at all.

Bravo Marvel! Bravo!
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There's a million articles out there, but movieweb didn't have one yet and boxofficemojo didn't have one as well titled as this. to put it simply, I only linked this half assed article because the title was everything I want in entertainment news lol
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I haven't made comparisons to TDKR yet, I will once I see it. all my talk regarding the on-going debate has been regarding TDK vs Avengers
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Unless Superman shows up in TDKR... not much different from me :p
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@superman81 agreed on all points
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The only thing is they have to get past the kinda boring fights that Green Lantern had
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okay so it's more like IGN... lol
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I want Superman to be as badass as he is in this clip
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I don't take sides as a consumer, all those companies want is your money at the end of the day, I like both for different reasons.

I use my Xbox for gaming(when I have time, as having a job and friends and trying to have a life takes precedent)

And my PS3 is primarily for Blu-rays but every now and then a game on it peaks my interest
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@Joshua-Hollaway and @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx

We get it, now y'all either gotta straight put on some boxing loves and sort this on going silly internet argument like gentlemen or you kiss and makeup and stop making movie fans look like little kids arguing over Xbox Live.
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I hope so, I sorely miss having respect for Superman as a comic book fan and as a movie lover. I really hope that he makes a grand return and puts all other comic book heroes in their place.

As for The whole Dark Knight vs Avengers thing, I know I'm also being a bit of a troll with the whole Kanye statement thing but my opinion on this I think has been clear for a long time, and it is just my opinion... Dark Knight is great, I'll just never be able to enjoy it as much as others cause I feel it takes itself too seriously, there's depth and there's forced depth in my opinion, and forced depth is the kind of thing I generally experience when I watch a movie and I feel that the choice of words in every scene for every character whether it's a monologue or it's multi-character dialogue... It feels forced, I hear them talking and I say, someone's trying to sell me on an idea. And I love the message but I can hear the pitch the entire way through, like when you watch battle Los Angeles, there is a message but you can tell someone is trying to pitch you something the entire time. You can feel it in every 'inspiring' sentence or twisted character's viewpoint.

I can't fault the acting but the writing for me leaves much to be desired, which is part of what I love about Joss' vision and how Avengers is written, it's written to be true to the characters and it's not trying to sell me something other than what I already know is there. It's not preaching to me, it's telling me a story. That I feel is the fundamental difference, aside from things I've discussed in the past like the Batman Universe Superman can't exist in and the aesthetics of it all, the locations, all the little details that take me out of the experience not just as a Batman fan but as a film lover.
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Kanye voice*

Nolan fans, I'm happy for you, and I'mma let you finish, but Joss Whedon made the best comic book movie of all time, OF ALL TIME!


but seriously, I'm a Batman fan and even I'm willing to admit the Dark Knight has been dethroned. Though it's a great film it's not a great Batman film and thus you may make the argument that it's got the more complex plot but you may never argue that it is the best comic book movie simply because it's based on a comic book character. Much the same way The Bourne Legacy is based loosely off of a book that is not exactly part of the Bourne franchise. It is a movie that the film makers are making their own.

So with all due respect, until DC can bring a Batman film to contend that features a Batman universe faithful to it's roots, it's nowhere near contending for best comic book movie ever. You don't get to change your colors as much as they did and try to claim you still roll in the same circles. I believe the 'would be haters' would call it selling out. I simply call it, trying to achieve something greater by sacrificing what you think are the little things.

Here's to hoping Superman does not fall prey to this Nolan vision.

*Now to await the onslaught*
*Disclaimer - I did say "So with all due respect" :p
I love this thread

I read that was the updated estimate, is it official now?
I love every conversation in the movie, it reminded me of some of the better conversations from Iron Man 2... That's the thing that I like about the scripts, there's movies where once or a few times is enough but with certain dialogue, it never get's old.
@superman81 @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx

Don't underestimate the power of over saturation to bog down on the mind. You're talking about the acting in Avengers as though it was child's play, yes TDK was a serious film and I credit everyone's acting in it, it was top notch, but just cause those characters were written more seriously or in a more quirky manner does not mean it took more to portray them than it did to portray characters in Avengers.

The way Cap is the most subdued soldier and most respectful gentleman at all times, where you can hear in someones tone and sentence structure that they are just raised to be completely respectful of others and are from an entirely different era, that's not a walk in the park cause it requires a more subtle finesse.

Even characters like Loki and Thor, Loki especially there's a special brand of maniac that Tom Hiddleston plays, his villain maybe just as evil as or more evil than Joker but he plays a character who like a child just wants to be acknowledged and respected, most of his acting he does with his eyes, the way he looks at different people differently. His disrespect for humanity shows a certain glare of self importance as well as a general disregard for their ability, whereas when he's around Thor, it's more of a hatred and fear emotion, born in jealousy.

If you're not paying attention cause you're dismissing it as b grade popcorn movie stuff, then of course you're going to say it's not worth writing home about, Tony stark for instance has to be arrogant, smart, funny and always thinking, so while he's popping off one liners and being silly, he's also calculating, you ever notice how he's eyes barely ever stop shifting around like he's trying to figure something out the whole time?

I'm just saying, we've already discussed how the films have very different tones so it's not even a good comparison to say no one here will get an oscar so it's not a better movie, and since when did oscars become something we depended on to decide what is a more enjoyable movie? these are comic book films, try as you may to want to believe that the Batman films are something more, they are still comic book based films, yes the stories have more weight but that's because their realism lives in the bleakness of our world, it's not any harder to make a gripping film than it is to make a lengthy action film with comedy in it and still have it be something that might make fans even a bit emotional... have you ever tried to act like you were talking to someone who isn't there? imagine that in movies with a lot of CGI, it's not easy, look at how bland and monotone the star wars films are because of it, because the director didn't take the time or the care to try and get his characters to seem more involved, it's not a cakewalk, it's not "come to set, crack a few jokes, go home get paid."

But like I said, the batman films are great, Heath Ledger in the dark knight is superb, but one or 5 actors don't make a whole product. look at Avengers, all those actors doing their thing and some people will still say it was boring when there wasn't any action on screen. it's not just the actors, it's the writing, it's the directing, it's the sets, the locations, the whole product, so yes The Dark Knight had a lot of great things, but until people see The Avengers, it is an ignorant statement that some make to say "I know TDK is better"

It's like saying I've never had vanilla ice cream, but I know chocolate is better. they are 2 different flavors, how will you know which you actually like more if you don't give both a chance?
- Didn't feel like catching up on all of today's debating, just wanted to say this.

To say something is mindless because it doesn't take a genius to understand it is to insult the genius of simplicity.
@superman81 You're right, i double checked, it's July 3rd, I somehow got my date screwed up on that one lol

But yeah, it's an interesting dynamic to see exactly who will make enough to basically make a profit and how much they can hold out after TDKR drops

Cause like you look at the weekend numbers for this weekend and Avengers just obliterated everything, kept every other movie in the single digit millions
Avengers is doing ridiculous numbers... I want to say, I think it'll surpass Transformers Dark of the Moon to be the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time, but I don't know, it basically has til the end of the month to make as much money as possible than try not to lose it's legs.

All I know for sure is the time leading up to TDKR is a clusterf**k

Battleship on the 18th
MIB3 on the 25th
Snow White and The Huntsman on the 1st of june
Prometheus on the 8th of June
Brave on the 22nd of june
G.I. Joe on the 29th of June
Spiderman on July 6th

^These are the only movies that have a shot at slowing down Avengers but are also just as easily made victims of it's popularity and it's anyone's guess which of them will be able to truly break out considering they are each fighting an uphill battle at the top of which Batman is waiting to kick them back down to size.

Dark Knight Rises on July 20th - It's anyone's guess how this plays out lol


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