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Look at all the idiots in here who are still talking about this like it's directed by Michael Bay... it's sad people don't know the difference between executive producer and director.
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Looks more like a man in a suit than anything, doesn't look like a robot, looks like a man in high tech armor....
What if Marvel wants to bring Riddick into their Universe?
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great cast
@bawnian-dexeus It's not that I don't want it, it's that, if even when it was done in the cartoon it was ridiculous and we all knew it, in a movie it would stand out that much more as being ridiculous lol

I just want a movie where they get along Batman is a genius and Supes is the muscle lol

And I can't stand any of the lore that is these ridiculously written stories. I hate when people set up a universe with certain rules and then find ways to bend that to make the characters 'cooler'

Batman should not be able to take Supes in a universe where not even Zod can take him
Alan, this is not IGN, don't become like one of those so called 'writers'
@narrator @Joshua-Hollaway

I am also not sure how this is gonna work, they grounded MOS in a fair bit of realism, and then added the sci-fi "what if aliens" edge... and then proceeded to show how Clark could pummel ZOD... so Bruce going toe to toe with Clark is a fantasy only die hard bat fans believe is possible.

I like turning off my brain but there's a certain level even the child in me cannot tolerate. I remember seeing The Dark Knight Returns part 2 and hating it cause it is glorified Batman film only built to make him look good. And it's to the point where, if you have to betray the character that Clark is to make Batman look good, you clearly are reaching and it's time to stop trying so hard.

I'm a marvel guy and I'm a big believer in not referring to everything as Epic... but Man of Steel was epic.

The only movie in the Marvel roster that one can really call epic so far is Avengers... and remember I'm a Marvel guy, I love all those movies, but phase 1 did do smaller scale and more 'personal to the character' tones. Chris Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy individually those movies are not epic... but together that is one epic story. The thing that made MOS epic is the scope and the heart it has. It managed to do in one film, what it took 3 Matrix movies to do... what it took 3 Transformers movies to do and what it took 3 Dark Knight movies to do.... all in one film.

A long poem, typically derived from oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the history of...
I'm glad some people's brains are finally catching up to why I disliked Nolan's version of batman

It's not really unrealistic, considering the atmosphere and how long this thing has been kicking around I'd bet money that when they had Goyer start writing MOS, they started kicking around ideas for all the rest of it, with the plan to announce them if MOS succeeds or not to announce if it fails.
Kristen Stewart finally doing her thing... playing a character who is not supposed to show emotion
wow... he phoned that one in
This movie suffers from what i like to call the "hey guys, look at this, isn't this cool" problem.

You know when a kid is playing with his toys and you think they are cool cause he is having so much fun... this is not that, this is that kid who even if he has all the best toys, sits there trying to tell you how cool they are and why you should like them.

It's a 2 hour movie... features maybe 7/8 battles and only 2 of them are actually cool... and in every fight, the camera zooms in too much for 2 thirds of the fight.

Add to it, Stacker and Mako are the only interesting characters but neither are the main character... then the problem is also that you are catching up on the story at it's tail end, so it's like watching the last movie in a trilogy without having seen the first 2, and the characters are too poorly developed to make you care.

The only redeeming qualities are Idris Elba's performance and that plot with Stacker and Mako... the Mechs are cool but the only time you get good views of them is in the moments leading up to a fight, because either as soon as the fight starts or 5 to 10 seconds in, the camera zooms in...

I really wish this movie was better.
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Are you guys seriously talking about these movies like you think they are trying to make something cool and serious? lol

It's all in good fun
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@ghostman Yeah but I don't think I've ever seen a single Director's cut from Nolan yet. He shoots what he intends. And I do recall the whole thing about the movie having to be cut down to the current running time, but I still feel that there are too many gaping holes in the story, not just editing ones, they are character elements, things characters say and do that make zero sense...

That's why I think the film even if made longer is still not salvageable
@narrator I hear ya... I don't know... it's just tough for me to overlook the things that my mind can't help but pick out. I really do wish I could enjoy it more cause I remember actually enjoying my first viewing but after the second viewing, all I saw was just how much I disliked how preachy it came across with it's themes, don't get me wrong, the acting is amazing, the casting is great but I just can't get behind it.

I think that's the kind of info you should always take with a grain of salt. No project leader can ever tell from the start exactly how long the final product will be. You have estimates and you work with an end goal in mind.

And to that end... No director shoots over 4 hours of different enough scenes when he knows his goal is to have a movie under 3 hours. The idea that omitting 30 to 45 minutes of footage explains the massive plot holes is a misguided one. When you delete footage, when you edit a film down, you remove the unnecessary stuff, you remove the stuff that doesn't work and the stuff you don't like. You don't end up with a bad movie because you shot too much, you end up with a bad movie cause of bad writing and sometimes bad editing. It's almost always down to the writing. And that's where a lot of the issues in that story are in the first place.


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