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just found out Eva's husband (Billy) is called Carlos... lol just like DH

that is all.
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Cool poster! I LOVE Eva Longoria!!!! So I'll be watching! (I miss Desperate Housewives soo much) :'(
HAHA! Whats that first mask all about??? Funniest thing I've seen all week lol. anyway, I love Banes mask, I have since it was first seen.

also, the way they done the football field scene is amazing!
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Each film has got progressively worse! not to mention the first one was crap anyway. the 4th one is the worst one yet... f****** terrible!!! and they're all the same. If they're not having their blanket pulled off of them, then they're getting dragged along the floor. and if that's not happening, a door slams. the same thing 4 times over, and now for a fifth? it's a joke!
anyway, I though Prometheus sucked. I'd much happily watch the amazing trailer over and over for 2 hours
@dmrob058 you say that as if you're the king of opinions when it comes to Prometheues. You're "Not surprised that that stupid ass critics and no brain mainstream audiences are dismissing it" how much of a pretentious d!ck can you get? lol
people are so pathetic. "Prometheus>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Avengers" who gives a flying f***? they're nothing alike
and he's just so YUM
Love it!

been following this since day one and I have loved everything I've seen. Charlize already is amazing in this. and this is a great clip. Chris's accent is really good, too.
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Can't wait!

Why does this show get so much hate? I have loved every minute. Even a few of the boring parts. and thats coming from somebody who, doesn't really like the 'Zombie' genre, didn't have any intention on watching it, and haven't read the comics. and to those moaning about the pacing, it's no their fault you have the attention span of a goldfish. fine, a few episodes, noth8ng has happened. but oh well... its all about the story. I'm just glad it's not non-stop action, how crap would that be.

and, I'm only half way into series 2 (Im in the UK) and just watched the (very boring) episode after Sohia is you know what. and WTF was up with the pub scene? a pointless scene and went nowhere. (I think that has to be the onoly thing I hated so far) oh, and Shane is a d!ck... so glad he dies.

anyway, rant over. Can't wait to watch the rest of series 2 and then wait for 3 :D (Oh, and stop hating on the kid. WTF is up with that!?)
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Because I LOVE horror movies... (This kind especially) and I have wanted to see this ever since I heard of it. I also have never won anything :(
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Why are ALL the posters/banners for this film... identical?

And whats up with the 6 thumbs up???? :/
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Haha! CAN'T WAIT! Looks really good... just like the old ones :')