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yellowjacket1 reviewed the movie Man on Fire

"Unsatisfying & depressing with THE worst choppy cam effects that literally leaves you nauseous."

"THE most powerful film that I have ever seen."
yellowjacket1 reviewed the movie The Ultimate Gift

"Wonderful Movie With An Amazing Message."
yellowjacket1 reviewed the movie Spider-Man 3

"SM3 manages to deliver a little bit of everything - intrigue, humor, drama, suspense, internal turmoil and of course - tremendous comic book style slugfests."
yellowjacket1 reviewed the movie Michael Clayton

"Intense, Intelligent and Amazing."
yellowjacket1 reviewed the movie Gone Baby Gone

"The ultimate “what would I have done” movie"
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yellowjacket1 reviewed the movie Juno

"Worth all the praise? Not really but worth the watch."
yellowjacket1 posted in the forum: Worst movie ending
Without a Doubt THE Worst Endings:

No Country For Old Men
Open Water
Road to Perdition
Perfect Stranger
yellowjacket1 reviewed the movie The Punisher

"A movie that intrigues, builds and then strikes at you in a way that is much more lasting than watching people shoot at each other for two hours."
Watch the Dr. Strange animated DVD movie from Marvel. It proves that a live action version could be done and that it would be spectacular. The version of the costume and the look used in that movie would translate quite well to the big screen and Del Toro would be the perfect man to helm the project.
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Wonderful performances by everyone. An absolutely horrible example to teenagers everywhere (depicting no real consequences to abortion on demand or to teenage pregnancy) but the movie does deliver charm and interest. It starts with the most annoying opening credits of all-time and it certainly takes its time to deliver any substance or charm. Still, it does finally get in to gear and what’s left is a marginally effective and semi-entertaining film. Worth all the praise? Not really but worth the watch.

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This Film Is going to be the best marvel film ever made

Since Marvel is making it themselves (for the first time ever), I have no doubt that it's going to be a great film. The trailer and the Super Bowl spot were remarkable.

May can't get here fast enough!
Iron Man (Needless to say)
Indiana Jones and the KOTCS
Incredible Hulk
Vantage Point