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Yannick Decorte wrote a comment about the news item Third Piranha 3DD Poster
@jayaottley ... What?
Floptastic: "The opposite of 'fantastic.'
An epic fail of extreme proportions."

The posters for this movie are so bad, they shouldn't be surprised when it flops hard.
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Yannick Decorte wrote a comment about the news item Third Piranha 3DD Poster
This poster is floptastic. It will look really good next to the weak opening week-end box-office numbers.
I speak from great experience here, and it sounds like Bill Murray put Ghostbusters 3 in the friend zone.
Yeah Movieweb. Armie Hammer, and he's talking to Helena Bonham Carter.
@jasonkat Usually it's a great kind of loud, but Sucker Punch was too loud in a bad way. Every other film was great though. I would disagree with felipe though that it's worth going to see a film in Digital Imax. The only acceptable kind of IMAX for me is the real kind, especially for something like The Dark Knight Rises where so much of it is shot with IMAX cameras.
@jasonkat @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx True IMAX is not just about the sharper picture quality and better audio, it's about the screen being much bigger, much taller, and much closer to the audience. The Dark Knight, Mission Impossible, The Dark Knight Rises and some other films like that that were partially shot with IMAX cameras have certain sequences taking up the whole screen. It's supposed to be taking up your entire field of vision. But you guys could have just looked up the definition: "a process of film projection using a giant screen on which an image approximately ten times larger than standard is projected.
[from image + maximum]"

However, beware of "Digital Imax." Many IMAX screens are not real IMAX screens, they're just very slightly bigger screens than standard screens, a little closer, and yet they charge you the same IMAX fee despite the experience being nothing at all like true IMAX. To find which theaters have a real IMAX screen and which theaters have sucky digital IMAX (aka LieMAX), look up this Google Map:
@ROFLitschristian No probs!
I probably would have liked this when I was a kid. Now...
@ROFLitschristian Just replace the * with an i in the URL, it's not hard.
I don't understand how comic-book film fans think. I feel like if this had a different title and director, they'd be trashing that cover and mocking the costumes and the actors.
These days it seems like there are only two types of Hollywood villains: those played by Mark Strong, and those played by Ben Kingsley.
I hope there's something in there about The O.C.
So disappointed that John Carter is not doing better at the box-office. I knew it was never going to do well but I still expected better than that, and considering the film turned out as good as it did, I especially expected it to have better legs. Such a good movie, it really, really sucks we won't be seeing a franchise.
Yannick Decorte wrote a comment about the news item A Fantastic Fear of Everything Trailer
Does that mean we can expect the trailer tomorrow?
Yannick Decorte wrote a comment about the news item EXCLUSIVE: God Bless America TV Spot
The trailer's pretty good actually. I'm not a huge fan of black comedies usually but this one hits the right notes so far.

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