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Looks good to me, they can make it work. Unlike Carrie, there's some stuff there to play with.
I see no way this can be good. There's no point. The story is simplistic and it's been told several times already.
I like how they don't realize this is a stupid idea and a stupid title.
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Amazing poster for a Texas Chain Saw movie, but we've all seen the trailer and we all know it's nowhere even close to the first two Chain Saws; it looks more like the Friday the 13th remake. I'm gonna see it but I'm sure it'll be yet another huge letdown. Why they can't get it right after all these tries, I don't know.
I've got some ideas for the title. Taken with a vengeance. Live free or taken. A good day to be taken. Taken part trois.
I don't get this part: "if the title were not attached to the rights, you would not associate one film with the other."

Why buy the rights to something if what you genuinely want to do is so different people wouldn't even make the association between the two if they had different titles?
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The trailer was poorly cut, but it's an interesting cast they got there. I'm gonna be watching it on Netflix. Good idea.
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It doesn't look like Die Hard.
@bawnian-dexeus Yeah. Why not?
I think it looks good personally. Any more intense running would look completely ridiculous; they still have to look good, so I don't see what's wrong with their pose.
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I like it, except they should have done without the "Honestly?" joke, it's the kind of stuff writers include in their scripts they think is so witty but it ends up sounding forced and falls flat.
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Bruce Willis, Josh Duhamel and Rosario Dawson and it's going straight to video?
@basquat Chili is the character he played on The O.C. I'm not asking people to forgive him, I'm just pointing out that mental illnesses exist and painting the guy as a devil just because he was suffering from one is pushing it.
@basquat Chili didn't kill a woman, Johnny Lewis did. As for the woman, the cat, Johnny Lewis etc., my opinion is it's tragic, but I'm not saying Lewis should burn in hell. The guy had serious mental health issues, but he wasn't the devil. It's sad to me that a guy who was very well-liked and talented ended up ruining himself and taking others with it, but he was still well-liked besides his mental health issues. I wish he had gotten the help he needed. I'm not gonna say he rot in hell because I think that even if he killed an old woman and a cat, there were also strong elements that were out of his control. The landlady herself liked him, that's why he came back to her for a place to live. Very very tragic but f*ck the people that say he should rot in hell.
RIP Chili.
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I'm skeptical about the potential here for another film to be interesting. Girl is shy and bullied, gets tricked into thinking she became popular, then publicly humiliated so exacts revenge on those who hurt her with her telekinetic power. There's not a lot of room for originality there.

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