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Yannick Decorte wrote a comment about the news item Jake Kasdan to Make Sex Tape
Please not Reese Witherspoon. She's so fake.
Still a good-looking and muscular hobo.
This I did not expect, but I'm glad, this film is finally going to be the way it was supposed to.
Bruce Willis is Joseph Gordon-Levitt's future self?
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I don't know how Kitsch isn't losing his voice after a while. He was screaming all the time in John Carter and in this too.
I don't get the hype for this. I keep expecting something special because I heard glowing things about the books, but I still don't see that anywhere. I'm glad Wes Bentley is in this despite the ridiculous make-up, but everything else looks bland or cheesy and I don't get why we should be excited for a concept like this being executed in a PG-13 fashion. It'd be like The Expendables II being... oh wait.
Yannick Decorte wrote a comment about the news item The Three Stooges International Trailer
This actually looks quite successful in its own brand of humor, but I can't help but think better actors were supposed to be in their place.
Midnight shows are overrated. Now, 1am shows on the other hand...
All American Girl was better than most people give it credit for. It just has nothing to do with American Psycho at all, and was not meant to be a sequel to anything, so on its own it's actually pretty good.
I thought it was fantastic as well. There have been a lot of movies in recent years that tried to kick-off a franchise and didn't work, and this one I thought was the most deserving of a franchise out of all of them. By the end of the movie I couldn't stand the idea that we might not get a sequel. It's not perfect by any means, but the flaws are pretty minor and/or made up for by all the good stuff.

I think the movie should have legs, because the audience in my theater really enjoyed it as well, the laughs throughout the movie and the genuine clapping at the end are very good signs. That said, I might see the film again just because 1/ It's f*cking great cinema to experience on the big screen in a room full of people, and 2/ To do my part in helping it a little bit. The problem with this film is not the film itself, it's just that people don't realize it's good and they should see it. Some of the trailers make it look like Prince of Persia, so of course people aren't flocking to the theaters. But I'm confident when people stumble upon the film, they'll be surprised how good it really is.
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Definitely going to see it. The only two things that seem to bother me about it so far are the actress playing the princess, who seems very bland in interviews and in the trailers, and the fact that the locations in the film don't seem to look foreign enough for what is a different planet, seen for the first time through the eyes of a human. Other than that the film looks great, hopefully it has some legs at the box-office.
Honestly, they should just let it go if it didn't succeed. Expensive shows need, you guessed it, a lot of money. The quality would suffer if the show was brought back on a smaller network or on Netflix, because a show like Terra Nova wouldn't work without expensive sets and CGI. I think the producers kinda knew the show they were trying to make was too expensive from the beginning, so trying to bring it back after it failed is pushing it.
... What?

This has got to be the most confusing trailer I've ever seen. The posters seemed to indicate this was going to be mainly about Diaz, Lopez, Banks and Kendricks, but this trailer spends its entire time focusing on the men, and then we have like one shot of Chace Crawford and one shot of Matthew Morrison out of nowhere with no connection to anything, and the whole thing just seems to be about the crazy irresponsible stuff men do when they have kids. No comprende.
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I haven't seen the film, but I don't know why it's getting so much hate. Apart from the midget jokes (which don't usually seem to offend American audiences and critics anyway), I loved the trailer, it seemed much better as a spiritual sequel to The Hangover than the actual Hangover sequel.
Yannick Decorte wrote a comment about the news item Second The Cabin in the Woods Trailer
There looks to be a little too much of everything for this to be a coherent unit.
Everything looks fun... except Adam Sandler. I like the guy usually but what is up with that voice? Why does he sound like that? Is there anyone who finds it funny? Worst actor razzie right there.
@instead8909 Why do you say that to me, it's his words. I guess he gave it some thought considering he's the one adapting the book. Professional screenwriters usually have a pretty good sense of script structure...
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What the f*ck with those posters, and the Taylor Kitsch one released earlier... Does this look like a joke to anyone else? I can't believe they have posters this amateurish for a movie that big. I'm surprised it's written "Al Cinema" on the poster instead of "On DVD."
Marc Guggenheim (Green Lantern) is (also?) writing the screenplay for this. I spoke to him very recently and he said he was tasked with adapting the book and was working on it, and that he is making changes to the third act because, if he made it like the book, it would literally be over in a minute as the third act in the book takes just one chapter.

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