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HATES? House At The Endofthe Street?

Anyway, this trailer was not confusing at all... I agree the way it is edited is probably trying to make it look like something it's not. Also, why does Jennifer Lawrence get attacked by a shadowy blur in the car? Did they blur the figure in post-production just so that we couldn't tell who the actor attacking her was?
Are they having sex on that poster? Difficult to tell, but it doesn't really look like dancing.
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I think it looks good, it doesn't matter that it has the name of a boardgame. I like the cast, I like Peter Berg, I like the water environment, I like the cinematography and I like the special effects. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint.
That is one ugly poster.
I'd like to see Wall-E or Jean Dujardin's George Valentin try to announce sequels on Conan.
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4/13... Are you kidding me? They release BOTH John Carter and Battleship in Japan on the same DAY? o_O
Yannick Decorte wrote a comment about the news item Justin Lin Set to Direct Lone Wolf and Cub
@jayaottley The only Terminator movies that have a good rep are the ones made by Cameron. No matter what Lin would have done with Terminator, it would have been compared negatively with the first two and it would have earned him a reputation of yes-man. He shouldn't take projects, in my opinion, which people would expect McG or Brett Ratner to take, because people hate those two directors. Going to such a beloved franchise will only get him hated by fanboys. I think it's good that he tries something different after having had some success with the last three Fast and Furious movies -- although I would say only Tokyo Drift was really good, his direction in all three was good.
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@jasonkat The 5th Element is not an 80s movie... It was released in 1997.
I thought the best fit for the role was Shailene Woodley, but she declined the role. I don't see Chloe Moretz as Carrie at all, but maybe they'll make it work. In general though I don't like Chloe Moretz.
Yannick Decorte wrote a comment about the news item Justin Lin Set to Direct Lone Wolf and Cub
Interesting project for Lin, much more interesting than a freaking Terminator or Highlander movie. The guy is a pretty good director, he needs to get out of crappy Hollywood projects and use his talent for more interesting movies. Every hack can direct a crap blockbuster, he needs to show he's more talented.
Twilight always has the most boring teasers. I remember the one for Eclipse. It's like they know Twilight fans will be hyped over nothing so they don't have to really show anything special as long as the title is on it and they can catch a glimpse of the three leads.
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This guy doesn't know how to shoot horror movies inside a house. The lighting just sucks in those scenes, a horror movie shouldn't look all cozy and warm. Look at how the inside of the house in Texas Chain Saw Massacre (the original) was lit and shot, and then look at this. Don't do a horror movie in a house if you're not gonna try to create an appropriate atmosphere.
F*cking fanboys.
Risky move for Channing. If this flops, it could do a lot of damage to his career.
(He should probably attempt a better story, better characters, and more heart next.)
Cool, it must be something. I'd probably be too scared to attempt anything like that.
Why did Shailene Woodley pass? She looks like she would have been perfect for the role, and Kimberly Peirce isn't exactly a crap director. Stop-Loss anyone?
They must be really afraid Stallone and Schwarzenegger will age too much very soon to want to get it started that fast.
I'll definitely go see it. If it's well-paced and not hysterically-acted (*cough* Transformers 2 *cough*) it should be solid.
Yannick Decorte wrote a comment about the news item Cosmopolis Trailer with Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson wasn't acting in Water for Elephants like he does in real life. Pattinson is a lot goofier than that in real life. Granted it wasn't an incredibly demanding role so it's not like it was a particularly tough performance to pull off, but he was good in it, he's good in Remember Me, and yeah he's good as playing the super-weird vampire in the Twilight films as well, and he's acting differently in all three. Just from the first line in this trailer I can already tell he's acting very differently again. He's a damn good actor, I know his lines in Twilight are super shallow but his performances have always been very solid.

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