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I've never seen this before. It's like the author of the article didn't even pay attention to his own article.

"Jack Reacher has earned $72.6 million domestically, with a worldwide tally of $153 million. Sources claim that Paramount Pictures will not consider making Jack Reacher 2 unless the worldwide total is over $250 million.


The film is projected to earn around $85 million domestically, which means it would need $165 million internationally, twice its current total."
It wasn't teased during the film's climax, it was teased in the after-credits scene.
Ugh. These Razzie Awards are a f*cking joke. For what it's worth, I completely disagree that Battleship should be on that list. If you're gonna call Battleship the worst movie of the year, might as well just nominate every blockbuster releasing between April and August of every year unless of course if they're headlined by superheroes that are too famous or directed by Christopher Nolan.

Looking at how crappy these awards are, I'm almost surprised they didn't sink as low as nominating John Carter and Taylor Kitsch just because it's a high-profile project that lost money. I'm sure they were close to putting them on the list because that's how those awards work.
Man, I'm starting to hate seeing David Koechner everywhere. He was terrible at humor in Final Destination 5 and Piranha 3DD, and the fact that he's in this one makes me think it will be equally as sh*tty and unfunny.
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lol I can't believe this is a real poster. The people who made it should be embarrassed.
It seems like Justin Bartha will play a bigger part in this one, and I like seeing them back in the desert. Hopefully they changed the formula and strayed from the safe humor of the last one.
I guess Taylor Kitsch is out of the running this time then.
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Sh*tty poster, I knew the previous poster was the only thing that would bring this movie closer to the original film. And the mask is awfully plain.
"for his 21st birthday, he decides to do the unexpected for a change, even though his critical medical school interview is early the next morning."

I hope this is more credible in the actual film.
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Not sure about the set design and locations, and it looks a bit too "modern horror film." Other than that it definitely looks interesting, you can tell they truly wanted to make a good movie.
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@john-m In France at least, there is a "scary movie" genre, as opposed to a "horror movie" genre. Slashers, ghost etc. are subcategories of those two.
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That is one crappy poster for a movie featuring Jaime King and Malcolm McDowell.
Yannick Decorte wrote a comment about the news item The Evil Dead Remake Trailer!
I wish people would start understanding the difference between horror movies and scary movies. Scary movies are designed specifically to scare you; horror movies aren't. They can, just like a comedy can make you cry (like Click), but it's not their main goal.
Should have been Asian...
The first one was very good honestly. I liked two and three, but they didn't feel right as a three-act narrative. The first one though truly felt like a movie. Every time I see footage of the first one, I'm reminded of how overlong the others are.
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@thesymbiote Spider-Man actually has a large, complex mythology to choose elements from. All Carrie has is a very, very basic formula, and it's been done to death. It's almost like Final Destination.
When will studios learn that blockbusters releasing in August or February pretty much means they will bomb?
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I'm a big fan of Taylor Kitsch and I'm happy he didn't take the role. I think the movie could potentially be bad-ass, but Kitsch is right to focus on different stuff than blockbusters adapted from video games right now.
Aaron Paul could be good, I'm glad the project is moving forward. The Fast & Furious franchise has moved so far away from racing that it's cool to have another one.
@kguy In light of Amanda Todd's suicide, at least I can buy that a sexy girl in high school could be the subject of that kind of bullying, but it's gonna have to be well-written.
@justatadmatt That's just what we needed; an entire movie focused on stereotypical movie bullies. I don't really think it's the acting, it's the writing.

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