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I need to win this! I've been waiting for this movie for over six years and I would love to have a poster for my room :) Also, Pyramid Head rules!
... probably the only time I'm gonna say this but I'm totally on Disney's side. F*ck those copycats. "if we thought consumers would mistake our film for Brave, we would have renamed it" yeah right, that's exactly what they want
I invite you all to check my movie website at also I would be happy to receive comments or suggestions for it! :)
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Wow, does anyone know if there's a way to edit a review? I hit the submit button by mistake before I set the ratings for Overall, Acting, Story, Directing and Visuals.
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I was actually using Loki and the Hulk as an example. I think the film had the potential for go deeper into each character emotions, but it only reached for eye candy. Again, nothing wrong with that.
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@moviegeek thanks a lot!
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... I had already posted this review on my website and at Rotten Tomatoes ;)

"Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol: Mission Accomplished"
I share your points with the finale. Now I haven't read the book, but I too think that an ending like that doesn't work on film, and it drew me away from what I was feeling before. Having said that, I totally loved the rest of the film and I think I couldn't ask for better way to send off the series.

"The second half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ends the magical journey in a near perfect, exciting and moving note"
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