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the tittle is wrong. Theres already a Friday the 13th part VIII....Friday the 13th Jason takes over manhattan. Also Friday the 13th part VI came before " a new beginning" which is actually part VII.
you dont say...
Xybernetic wrote a comment about the news item Don Jon Poster with Joseph Gordon-Levitt
first movie he directs where he plays a sex addict and his girfriend happens to be scarlett johansson....well played Joseph well played
Xybernetic wrote a comment about the news item Manborg Trailer!
movieweb shouldve posted this on the 1st -_-
shouldn't mark 40 be silver centurion?
Xybernetic wrote a comment about the news item The Lost Boys Are Coming to Blu-Ray on July 29th
with all due respect to the fans....god this is overrated!!
Damn was really looking forward to that G rating :(
and of course they had to get the guy who played a cop in a Halloween slasher movie to play a cop in a Christmas slasher movie
Some how I think this is bullsh*t. This would have reached 100% a long time ago if it really depended on fans likes.
Is not the writers fault. This has happened before where a title from another movie is reused. Is Moviewebs fault for false advertising a remake when clearly is not.
Xybernetic wrote a comment about the news item COMIC-CON 2012: Second Branded Trailer
first abe killing vampires now monsters made out of.......stuff -_-
am I the only one that noticed the creepy guy staring at the camera on the last pic?
A bad film? No
An overrated film? HELL YEAH!

Still dont know how movieweb still lets this B. Alan Orange guy post stuff I mean couldnt he get another f*cking picture?
Might as well call it "Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles" -_-
Wish Bane looked that buff in the actual film :(
So I guess movieweb just gonna sit and wait till this Orange guy pisses every subscriber off the site.
Xybernetic wrote a comment about the news item EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Superman: Man of Steel Poster!
(sarcastic as hell) Oh yeah B. Alan Orange this is "by no means an official poster that you can verify" when subscribers know more about stuff than the article writers -_-
Xybernetic wrote a comment about the news item Step Up 4 Announcement Trailer
I think is about time that "Step Up" steps down -_-
I aint trying to complain or anything but I know 5 people that unsubscribed from MW because of this.
@Dark_888 ok you get one more chance to say what you really feel about this -_-


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