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You got it all wrong this movie was so f*cking bad it was pretty good. it cant be called a bad movie because it wasn't made to be a good movie. it was made to be bad therfore its not bad
XxMr.TripsxX reviewed the movie Crank High Voltage

"Chicken and Broccoli"
seriously in my opinion this was better than the dark knight
it was a brilliant film
this really was the best one
XxMr.TripsxX reviewed the movie Observe and Report

"I accept You"
also what really pissed me off is in a way this movie stole all the spotlight from watchmen
no sir, apocalypse now is the best vietnam movie ever
XxMr.TripsxX reviewed the movie The Dark Knight

"OVER RATED! but still a good movie"

""The World Just Isn't Ready For A Gay Mexican Chicken Sandwhich""
that's what i was saying
XxMr.TripsxX reviewed the movie Friday the 13th

"plot= Jason Vorhees is pissed because teenagers are stealing his mary jane. WTF?"

"Everybody TESTIFY!!!!!!"
you guys suck
you need to see pineapple express
your right pineapple was alot better
I hope to god they dont replace heath
i hope everyone dies so they cant make another
This Will Be The Best Movie Of The Year!!!!!!!!!!