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Cannot believe it....
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I want to see this movie so baaaad!!!........Chris Nolan is my favorite director!!
@CBF.....thank you for your polite words....I will remove my comment so I dont spoil any more....again I thank you....I will use this for an experience that I will not commit any more....and I apoligize.....
I'm deeply sorry for that @CBF and @The Fallen ......... I dont usually write on this website but the Title of this argue is called IRON MAN 2 REVIEW!!.....if you guys used your logic this is for people that have already seen the movie! I dont really have to alert any guys read my last post on your own risk of screwing up your vision of the movie.....but again I apologyze
I agree with Illuminati.....
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go to, first you have to click on the bottom of the website to put the page in english because is originally in french, you will see a video of Steven and Peter talking about the film...enjoy
F*ck STAR TREK YOU F*CKING NERDS!!!!!.......STAR WARS WILL ALWAYS KICK STAR F*CKING TREKS ASS!!!!!!*t!....i mean c'mon!!!.....another star trek movie??? gotta be sh*ting me!!..
hey does japan has to anything to do with this movie???.....coues rob was going to japan....and godzilla is from japan.....this is just an idea....what do you guys think???
Two legends working toghether again......making history.....this is going to be awesome!!!
its not a lion were it says trailer says refferrin internally as Godzilla....maybe it is a godzilla movie....i headr also that could be a voltron movie....but i doubt it....couse voltron are good guys....


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