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Never much of a Deadpool fan...and now with Ryan Reynolds playing Green Lantern, I guess we'll never see that Deadpool movie.
never say never!
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My favorite was always Cyclops. Which is why the movies aggravated me so much.

Why cuz he was such a f*g in them? haha
Tytus Romek i Atomek this is my favorite comic book
First editions in 60`s. Just Polish classic comic book

I've never even heard of this
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I am actually looking forward to it. I've always liked Alice in Wonderland out of all the Disney crap they made. Just my kind of style. I know Tim Burton will do great on this, but I hate how he uses almost the same cast every movie he makes.

I'm assuming your referring to Depp, I just think that together they make great movies..cant deny that.
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Man on Fire
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Billy Bob Thornton--> Eagle Eye
That's a good question. Serenity is based on Joss Whedon's short-lived TV show Firefly, which opens and fleshes out much of the story that is briefly touched upon in the film to get to the plot. Firefly was a fantastic show but got cancelled 11 episodes in thanks to the FOX network apparently doing everything possible to bury the show... including not broadcasting the 90-minute pilot (which is essential to understanding the whole premise of the show) until last, having a general disregard for the order of the episodes, and failing to even bother advertising it. Getting a movie deal from Universal allowed Whedon to bring some closure to the open threads of the show, but of course so few people were actually familiar with the story and characters involved. So Serenity, despite critical acclaim, probably tanked largely due to lack of widespread interest. Maybe it's because they didn't release it until after the summer season. Or maybe people were space-opera'd out after Revenge of the Sith came out earlier that year. It's a shame, since I think the Firefly franchise takes what was great about Star Wars and similar space opera series, and either excises or deconstructs the shaky aspects.

Incidentally, you can (and should) watch all 14 produced episodes of Firefly IN ORDER right here:

It's a damn shame...
no worries movientvfan, i never put a time limit on celebrating my birthday haha..
Thank you!
worst band ever.

I bought Final Fantsy X-2 last MOnday.

By far the worst game in the series...doesnt mean its not fun though
i was in 5th grade. i came home one day acting "different" and my mom started interrogating me:

mom: did anything special happen at school today?
me: yeah, i had sex with my english teacher.

mom: you're going to talk about this with your father when he gets home.

My dad comes home and hears the news, waits for my mom to leave before he starts beaming with pride.

dad: you really had sex with your teacher?
me: yeah.
dad: you became a man today - this is cause for celebration.
dad: let's head out for ice cream, and then I'll buy that new bike you've been wanting. me: that sounds great but I can I have a football instead? my ass is killing me.

lingerie bookmark
What the f*ck was that for?
I would nominate Serenity...mixture of space and western
I was completely blown away with that air disaster clip for ..KNOWING..I hadnt a clue what this movie was about untill having watched it on DVD the other night..I was in the cinema with the wife some months back, and we both watched with open mouths..spectacular CGI for that scene..

Nick cage is the man trying to figure out some kind of code that has turned up at his Sons local school in a time capsual..that as been un earthed after a 50 year stint.
In 1959 a group of school kids had to jot/sketch what they thought the future would look like or behold. One young girl at the time had voices going on in her head and was scribbling the code down..

Fast track 50 years on, and cage's kid ends up with the code..blah blah blah..
If you go into this movie with an open mind like I did, then its highly enjoyable..if you take it seriously, you could end up thinking its clap trap.. watch out for several un intended references to other movies gone by.. Cocoon is one of them..


damn, i couldnt even make it all the way through this one...I just dont get why Nick Cage apparently can solve any of the worlds mysteries in 30 seconds.
spinal tap or dawn of the dead

ahh spinal there is a movie i havent seen in a while
Just saw the Sherlock Holmes trailer and am really excited for the realease
oo i thought mine was posted to..and it was July 19th

Happy Belated Movientvfan!
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Old School
this mother f*cker gets a birthday thread and not me.....i alone :mad:
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I'm not sure what the reason but this isn't the only forum I've been active in that just suddenly dried up. I still like coming here but I agree with CP about newcomers not being allowed to start new threads and post links until they are well established. I'd also keep links out of signatures. One thing I never understand is legitimate newbies that introduce themselves, make a few posts and then disappear. If you're going to go to the trouble of creating an account why bail with less than 20 posts. What happened? Regardless I'm here until they turn the lights off. Even then I'll probably stumble around in the dark for awhile.

Thats also a good way to start a solid dictatorship haha.. viva la movieweb!