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Will they make him deformed like the comics? How will his animated eyes work on the a realistic sense?
This is pretty desperate. What's next the "Slinky" movie?
Elba for President!!!!
Does anyone think Jared Leto is too pretty to play the Joker?
So it looks like a reboot after the 3rd. Alien, Aliens...Alienses or Aliened
I think I like the sound of Prenell Parker or Pedro Parker.
Hugh Jackman?! Never heard of him. All I know is that guy on screen is Logan a.k.a The Wolverine.
This is splendid news! If anyone can revive this franchise it would be Neill. However, I wonder how he will tie this in with the previous few disasters (Aliens 3-4 and Prometheus). From the concept work, I'd be absolutely fine with them rebooting the franchise after Aliens 2 and using this film as the actual Alien 3. Thoughts?
At this point only two Director can save this sinking ship...One being Neill and the other James Cameron.
I was disappointed that Fassbender didn't make the cut for "The Force Awaken". Even though would play a great Jedi this is still very promising.
Stick to sparkling Vampires honey.
I have a feeling this is gonna turn out like the Æon Flux movie starring Charlize Theron.
GTFO...isn't this the guy responsible for the "Fast & Furious" franchise? Yeesh, they might as well have gone with the guy's who did the Twilight movies.
I'm sure that was Benedict C*mberbatch's voice in the beginning!
I'm surprised they didn't throw Jonah Hill into this sh*t storm.
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R.I.P you brilliant man
@Zak-Lee-Ferguson Well said but who would be your choice to direct this clusterf*ck?
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Where's Fassbender and C*mberbatch...NOOOOOoooooooo
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Someone needs to shoot the casting director for Snyder's films.


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