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Weht Ass wrote a comment about the news item GIVEAWAY: Win Big Dolphin Tale 2 Prizes!
Who the heck is Weht Ass. That is certainly not my name so someone at movie web must think this is funny. Haha. Not so funny.
Weht Ass wrote a comment about the news item GIVEAWAY: Win Big Dolphin Tale 2 Prizes!
Fun prize to win. Do you ever post a list of winners if only by first name?
Courtney O.   »  Weht Ass
alrighty then
FILMNoir...   »  Weht Ass
You are one 'heavy' Ass. Are you related to me, by any chance?
Courtney O.   »  Weht Ass
well I think you're talking to the wrong person if you think I am normal. And by that I mean, boring. And by that I mean, preprogrammed responses to go with the motions of our culture. Case in point: I am an artist. That means I put paint on a surface of imagery that comes from my imagination. Does that sound normal? Preprogrammed? Perhaps if I was a cashier somewhere or a waitress you would have someone a little more less involved. But I am really involved, really imaginative. And per your responses, I am not sick and twisted so I probably wouldn't say those things. I don't need to shock people to prove that I'm unique. Being genuine can also be a breath of fresh air. Try it.
LOVE   »  Weht Ass
thanks for tha add so who are you ???
Courtney O.   »  Weht Ass
I think more than anything though, to reply to what you were saying, is that that gesture is simply that...a point of contact. the actual words are almost meaningless. It's more about the gesture of reaching out to another person and acknowledging them that is significant. And there is something positive about that...and it's sort of open ended, kind of giving you the floor to respond how you choose. And maybe your choice, the easy out, is "Fine" and that satisfies, but not really, what I am asking. If we were closer, I would demand more than that, because "Fine" doesn't really answer the question. More so, you could take that as a opportunity to maybe include me in something about your life, and make a move to us getting to know eachother. Which is what people often do.
Courtney O.   »  Weht Ass
you can write whatver you want, as you did. I always tell the head hurts, i'm lonely, hungry, tired, thirsty, would love a massage, bath, someone else to take my contacts out for a change, would like this white paint off my leg, would love a pedicure, i am hungry for love, and looking in all the wrong places. Other days, I'm better, worse, some moments I am elated and feel like I'm on crack. you never know. we're a changable being. like water.
Courtney O.   »  Weht Ass
Hey, how's it going?
PUNISHER   »  Weht Ass
u ever dry ur ass?
time is a film played backward   »  Weht Ass
thats fine i say that to girls to dont worry i knew u were a girle cause it said female the first time i saw it
time is a film played backward   »  Weht Ass
oh ok do u like my pic i think i look ugly in this pic
Courtney O.   »  Weht Ass
Hi Sweet Tass!
Timbo Jones   »  Weht Ass
time is a film played backward   »  Weht Ass
hey waz up wright ne back bro
time is a film played backward   »  Weht Ass
my name is yecenia but u can u call me coty
time is a film played backward   »  Weht Ass
and were do u live i live in hillsboro and im fourteen
time is a film played backward   »  Weht Ass
hey thanks for the add we can be hot bffs so wats ur name and how old are u
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