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Nice to meet you, look forward to your input mate.
webs posted in the forum: who can match this setup
32in'' plasma tv
jvc home cinema system
1 hp computer
1 hp laptop

software to do the following, all free for anyone

watch live premier football, european football,
download movies with no converting required
download music
burn movies to full specs' play on any player burn with windows dvd maker,
anyone can burn music,
put any movie into a package, and create a link for that package,
put that link on any website, for anyone to click and download, worldwide appox 3hrs download time,
transfer any file/ folder from any pc, laptop, to another in minutes, no cable hook ups just a couple of clicks, send to anywhere in the world, completly safe.
convert divx and flash videos into any format,
and more... just ask
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Thanks for the add!
webs posted in the forum: Dvd trading sites
can you trade dvd rip?
webs posted in the forum: a Great site
i got virus when i clicked the link
webs posted in the forum: Dvd trading sites
trade dvd rip?
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