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Yeah @LuxoIII I think we all knew once Megatron got his head ripped off by Optimus, that Galvatron would show up. I wonder if Unicron will also show up and create Megatron's new body. I wish we could see Generation 1 robot designs. Well, Leonard Nimoy can't voice Galvatron like he did in Transformers: The Movie, because he was already Sentinal Prime. I wonder if Kelsey Grammar is going to provide his voice. Maybe not. They usually don't show the voice cast in the initial credits, only the actors who actually star in the movie. I hope Peter Cullen is returning. If he doesn't, it's not Optimus Prime. It probably isn't, but Hound should be R. Lee Ermey. That would be fitting.
This Godzilla is going to freakin' rock! No goofy Matthew Broderick and no pregnant Godzilla here. I hope it's a huge blockbuster and spawns sequels, so we can show the Japanese that we CAN make a kicka$$ Godzilla movie. That sucks that Juliette Binoche dies. Brian Cranston really sells the anguish and feel of the movie. Hard to believe he was in Malcolm In the Middle. When those flares go up in the trailer, the camera turns and they light up Godzilla's neck; that brought back the feeling I had when I saw Jurassic Park the first time. I love that Godzilla is going to be a defender and not the Godzilla from 1954.
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"New transformation technology". Hopefully that means that the autobots can transform from robot to vehicle in under thirty seconds, and they don't have a gazillion parts spinning all over their bodies, in an attempt to impress the audience. Bring back generation one Transformer designs. Make Bumblebee the 2014 turbo Beetle and flush that GM contract down the toilet where it belongs.
It looks like they are really going to do Star Wars with respect to the originals, and not anything like Lucas' "Meesah, baby jar, jar, vomit-inducing, eyeball-rolling abominations that were the prequels. Save it J.J Abrams. Only you can at this point.
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@joelseph, if you're referring to Chuck Norris, I really don't think he's coming back. He probably didn't like to much that his request that the movie (Expendables 2) be PG-13 got overridden by the fans. It would be cool if he came back though.
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@joelseph, I couldn't agree more. With some franchises, the feel gets old, but not here. I love these movies. I can watch them for as long as they can put them out. I love seeing these guys in action again. I grew up watching them, and it's like hanging out with old friends, who share something that you are in on. With all of the new actors showing up and simply stepping into iconic roles, it's cool to see familiar faces. They can keep these movies coming. I'm still mad at Stallone for his ant-gun remarks, when Bullet To the Head was in theaters. That's really hypocritical.
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Yeah @dark enV, I agree.
"Though his children could care less for his iconic roles." Are Ford's children now deciding if fans get to see that scuffy-looking nerf herder in the Falcon's pilot seat again?! By the way, Movieweb, it's, "Couldn't care less".
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And HOW did this go "horribly wrong"? Looks pretty good to me.
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Looks like they went with the feel of the original Child's Play 4, so we could pretend like the last two didn't happen. Don't like the "________ of Chucky" titles. They are what destroyed the franchise, by being way too campy. I will be buying this for sure. I have 1-3, so this will be a perfectly fitting sequel.
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Didn't sound like Brad Dourif at all. : P

Jon Spidey 07 & @ Johnny1312, they probably wanted to change him a bit, like they did with Pinhead from Hellraiser and with Freddy in the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. He does look different. But Brad Dourif does provide the voice again, so at least he'll sound like Chucky.
Arnie better hit the gym. Not too impressed with a skinny Arnold. Gibson is even more ripped than Arnold is.
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Yeah Zak, that Sarah Conner parent story sounds lame. It's turning into a joke now. In the next sequel, is the Terminator going to be sent back to kill the single celled organism that spawned Sarah's family line? As a Terminator fan, I want a sequel to "Salvation", and I want it to have the look and the battles to take place at nighttime like they did in Terminator and T2, in the future war scenes. I did not like McG's Road Warrior look at all.
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@nathan_lease not just the hand. In the original the scientists said they saved the right ARM, and then Bob Morton (Miguel Ferrer) told them to, "Lose the arm".
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@Replicant I could not agree more. The blue/grey version in the first picture better be how he ends up. If the final version is that black skinny one, that is going to suck. It looks like a robot Human version of K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider. I hope the scene where Keaton says make him black is the initial version, and then the final version is the blue/grey version. They better not screw this up. I've waited too long for this.
It's not a good sign that Nolan leaves, but I kind of want a different look that the previous movie. I DID NOT like all the daytime action AT ALL. I wanted it to be dark, mysterious and gothic. Same thing with Terminator Salvation. Too much daytime. Looked like Road Warrior.
Pixar better get their tish together!
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Yes! Bring Matt Damon back! I would totally see that!
Fan Trailer was done pretty good.
I really liked Affleck's Argo. His directing and great acting cannot be denied. The seventies vibe was captured very well (loved the Star Trek and Star Wars figures at the end) and the tension could be cut with a knife. But Affleck as Batman might very well be a sign of "The End of Days". He better bring it!


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