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We better see the future night battles this time, like we've been teased with in the first three movies, before McG decided to make a daytime Road Warrior movie. I wonder if the series will have anything to due with The Sarah Conner Chronicles.
Didn't see any "Lightsaber moves".
I wonder if they're going to keep it real and show him do all the drugs and womanizing he did.
Megan Fox, Pre face surgery would have been perfect. Gal Gadot is too petite and skinny to scare anybody or beat them into submission. And is she going to get breast implants? I mean, I prefer petite ones, but Wonder Woman is not petite.
@Dfella504, Everybody is thinking the same thing. You're right.
Agreed Sean. Lose the jacket and it would be acceptable. But knowing Hollywood, they'll give her the jacket so they can use padding to make her skinny arms look bigger.
Didn't they already do a "Friday the 13TH" reboot in 2009?
Don't blame Reitman for stepping down. His friend died and Ramis was half of the writing talent.
It'll have to be a reboot. I just don't see a sequel working without Harold Ramis. It's a travesty they took so long to agree on a sequel, that he died. Bill Murray is partly, or mostly to blame.
@nburgmei, When you watch Blade Runner, make sure you get the Bluray with multiple editions on it, so you'll have the one where Harrison Ford narrates, telling you what he's thinking, otherwise, you'll be lost as to what the hell is going on. Trust me. I first saw the narrated version and then the non-narrated version. The narrated version is the best, despite opinions from purists, who like the quietness of the non-narrated on. And for "Apocalypse Now", be prepared for a dismal existence through cinema. Martin Sheen had a nervous breakdown while filming, it was so bad. The scene where the back of the cow's neck gets cut with a sword and the head falls is very disturbing. I wish I can un-watch that scene.
Inception should not even be on that list.
Jaws should be closer to #1.
@the Real Goku, Great movie, great story, great acting, but be prepared for a lot of man rape.
@aoshi, I think you meant, "worst". You are forgiven. :P
@john M, I agree with some or most of yours, but "The Andromeda Strain" was a low budget 1970s virus type outbreak movie with poor special effects. "The Dark Knight Rises" was overrated, with a guy with a weird voice and a crumpled spider on his face. And although critically claimed, "2001: A space Odyssey" for me was quite weird and pseudo profound to say the least. Can you explain what the message was supposed to be in "2001"? Why we start out at the dawn of Man in the presence of the largest Domino ever and end up watching another man dying, reaching for the same Domino, thousands of years later? And what was with that rapid succession, of him looking and us following from one room to another as he went from a middle aged man to an old man and then to a dying man, and then to seeing the "Star Child"? Stanley Kubric was smokin' something for sure.
Donatello looks like a fish with glasses.
Tired of the plotline of Humans wanting the Autobots gone, and tired of Prime being badly wounded. In one movie, Prime got stabbed in the back and died. In another one, he lost an arm. Now he gets his chest blown out!? For a alien race millions of years old, he never really learned to keep an eye out for bad guys behind him, did he?
I know nobody else cares, but where is Master and Commander II?
When a director falls back on what he did in the past, it usually means his best days are behind him. He's taking the easy road. I'd rather see a Pulp Fiction series.
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