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@Anjisan63 And really boring and low budget was, "I Am Omega" from the SyFy channel.
Vanboy wrote a comment about the news item I Am Legend Reboot Happening Without Will Smith
@Anjisan63 Yeah, that's what I say. Price's movie was the best. Even though the book was titled, "I Am Legend". "The Last Man On Earth", sounded much better.
Vanboy wrote a comment about the news item I Am Legend Reboot Happening Without Will Smith
I am a big fan of "The Last Man On Earth", so this sounds really cool. I hated the cartoon-looking fake CGI, stretchy mouthed vampire Human creatures of "I am Legend". Smith was ok in it, and it's probably the best acting he has done in any movie, but I'd like someone closer to a Vincent Price type. Edward Norton would be great in this! He deserves something good after he got shafted over Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk. He play Banner perfectly, and it was a change for an actual good actor playing the part. I hope it gets made. I will definitely go to the theater to see it.
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Hell yes, I want to see this! More Jaws!!!!! Bring back Matt Hooper and Ellen Brody and have them get together finally, like what happened, in the book, but don't kill off Hooper like Peter Benchley did in the book. And make it realistic. Yeah a, "25 footer, three tons on 'em" of course, but realistic. Kevin Smith could really do Jaws justice! I don't get the deal with the moose though. That sounds stupid. Besides they already did something like that; it's called, "Black Sheep".
I think everybody needs to get off of the Mel Gibson hate train. Enough is enough. Everybody is entitled to their own pinion. This is America and it's his right to express himself. Besides, it's been years. Get over it people. I hope Gibson does direct Iron Man 4, and I hope it's awesome. And I really hope he does, because I want Robert Downey Jr. in it, and not some other actor. If Downey is worried about getting hurt again, just have a stuntman do the jumps or use CGI. It's not the 1970s, where actual stuntmen have to take the falls anyway. The only thing they have to make sure happens, is that Tony Stark is back in the suit and not controlling it by remote. I did not like that idea, even though the fact that a real Human could never stand the pounding the suit endures, like slamming into desert sand from a thousand feet in the air, taking a hit from tank fire, a missile hit from a plane, or getting slammed into basically everything, I still want to see him in the suit. Just stop with the unrealistic impacts. Funny that the suit can withstand those impacts, but a forty mile an hour hit from a regular truck chatters the suit, just for the sake of a laugh. Consistency people!
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If they don't use the current actors and put some new actors or use different superheroes, I will not spend my money.
We better see the future night battles this time, like we've been teased with in the first three movies, before McG decided to make a daytime Road Warrior movie. I wonder if the series will have anything to due with The Sarah Conner Chronicles.
Didn't see any "Lightsaber moves".
I wonder if they're going to keep it real and show him do all the drugs and womanizing he did.
Megan Fox, Pre face surgery would have been perfect. Gal Gadot is too petite and skinny to scare anybody or beat them into submission. And is she going to get breast implants? I mean, I prefer petite ones, but Wonder Woman is not petite.
@Dfella504, Everybody is thinking the same thing. You're right.
Agreed Sean. Lose the jacket and it would be acceptable. But knowing Hollywood, they'll give her the jacket so they can use padding to make her skinny arms look bigger.
Didn't they already do a "Friday the 13TH" reboot in 2009?
Don't blame Reitman for stepping down. His friend died and Ramis was half of the writing talent.
It'll have to be a reboot. I just don't see a sequel working without Harold Ramis. It's a travesty they took so long to agree on a sequel, that he died. Bill Murray is partly, or mostly to blame.
@nburgmei, When you watch Blade Runner, make sure you get the Bluray with multiple editions on it, so you'll have the one where Harrison Ford narrates, telling you what he's thinking, otherwise, you'll be lost as to what the hell is going on. Trust me. I first saw the narrated version and then the non-narrated version. The narrated version is the best, despite opinions from purists, who like the quietness of the non-narrated on. And for "Apocalypse Now", be prepared for a dismal existence through cinema. Martin Sheen had a nervous breakdown while filming, it was so bad. The scene where the back of the cow's neck gets cut with a sword and the head falls is very disturbing. I wish I can un-watch that scene.
Inception should not even be on that list.
Jaws should be closer to #1.
@the Real Goku, Great movie, great story, great acting, but be prepared for a lot of man rape.


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