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that was awesome, even Christian rocked out another suit, makes it perfect Lol
Oh this should be fun lol
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"Pretty good Superman movie"
I agree bale would be awesome with henry.
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face it tiger..either way, you hit the jackpot lol
(touches face) your skin makes me cry EPIC xD
The best part about batman is about being the symbol of something and caring about people and the ones closet to you pretty much baman or girl can be anybody :D
those girlz are HOT with caps
like the new suit :)
comic book iron patriot= norman osborn
movie iron patiot= rhodie...?
O yeah i forgot a kid drew that with chalk to make the bat symbol :)
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wow i thought of the extremis armor tony was in this with norman who shut down industries to call it hammer and norman becomes iron patriot.hmmmmm