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@felipe-11 I so agree with u man.. id prefer download this bullsh*t
I still dont understand.. why a trial needs to be done for this dude.. he needs to be executed asap..
Whatever... all am seeing is a bunch of puzzies.. the directors am looking at to do this is James Cameron, Ridley Scott, Peter jackson or Joss whedon.. i know James cameron have his hand full so does peter jackson.. so it would be down to ridley scott or Joss Whedon.. Christopher Nolan would do good too
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holy crap I wasnt expecting that.. crazy.. 2013 gonna be a crzy year for movies..
I would prefer JJ abrahms
u1sart wrote a comment about the news item Hindsight: Mitt Romney Exposed Trailer!
DWL... you c*nts are hurt.. lol.. Obama 2012
Man with the Iron Fist for me.. Although i know Wreck it Ralph will win.. :p
That suit looks crazy.. i am pumped for this.. as well as the video game!!!
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what i hate is, being that we are now in the 21st century with more advancements in the Film industry and efforts are being made to revamp a old movie.. there is always someone arguing that "they are a fan of the older version and they dont know bout the new version.. why not just shut up, wait til the movie is out.. go watch then u make your criticism, they remake movies for a reason... and please movies are suppose to be entertainment.. most of you dummies act as if its a life altering event.. get over it.. if you dont like it.. sheesh.. this looks real good, cant wait
u1sart wrote a comment about the news item Evil Dead Red Band Trailer!
HOLY SH*T? I am never gonna go to sleep tnight after watching that.. no sir
I wanna see what M Cho, does with G.I. Joe to see if he will give MOTU any justice..
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this looks friggin awesome.. gotta watch this
u1sart wrote a comment about the news item Director Tony Scott Commits Suicide, Dies at Age 68
sad news... but i dont feel sorry for people who take their own lives.. no matter wat the situation is..
well its good to see that he will spare his magic to develop another avengers.. but can we see him do another project that can be more focused on his talent.
Is it me alone.. or did i saw the man of steel trailer at the cinema.. one sentence.. CANT FRIKKIN WAIT
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Holy shiiittttt.. THIS MOVIE GONNA BE CRAZY>>> I don't even care what any of you ppl here say negatively... i know this movie will open the eyes of many to hiphop legend and founder of the wu-tang clan RZA
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from its from sam raimi... must be gud..
u1sart wrote a comment about the news item Kick-Ass 2 Moves Forward with Matthew Vaughn
yYYYEESSSS!!!!... in no doubt since this movie is piloted by Matthew vaughn.... this will absolutely win... id like to see matthew do the punisher... mmmmm
Well its all done and all is good... SO when can we see DC comic get their azz up and start making JLA in existence.. Redo greenlantern.. make a quik turn around with wonderwoman.. flash.. greenarrow.. hawkman.. batman and get the ball rolling
i am saying though.. how comes this happens to be a guy flick and ends up being a kids flick..Is it apart of a disney movie, Why does chuck norris.. needs this to be a kids movie.. this dont make no sense. I will just sit this out.. I wanted to see expandables for the raw action, language and everything that comes between it.. not no fiddle me this and dabble me that


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