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@profile-48820540 Oh ok.. Thats cool, Not everyone will appreciate movies alike, thats cool.. Brokeback mountain probably your best movie yet...
@profile-48820540 Wow thats hard to say, about Vaughn.... The first kickass + Xmen first class was done well.. Chronicles was done well... I mean understand the frustration about fantastic four, but come one, Comparing good directors to poor just because things not looking your way, is a bitch move... Rethink your comment
u1sart wrote a comment about the news item Uncharted Still Wants Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake?
I really do think Chris Pine would play the perfect Drake... He has a smart mouth, plus he got the action look.. Just saying
@darkdream Yea I know... I really do hope they do Warcraft good though..
I think Peter Jackson would be perfect for World Of Warcraft.. Just saying, But maybe he can do witcher
I dont understand how the hell you gonna have a Gun Violent movie for kids... I don't get it... This sh*t should be Hard R..
u1sart wrote a comment about the news item Jurassic World Trailer Is Here!
Chris Pratt would be perfect for unchartered As drake
DAMN.. Marvel is kicking DC's Ass
Try Orlando Bloom
u1sart wrote a comment about the news item Avengers: Age of Ultron Wraps Production
Try Doing Halo...
So what you saying.. no one should design or create anything about exploding buildings on 9/11... i don't get it
u1sart wrote a comment about the news item Patrick Wilson Exits Marvel's Ant-Man
I think this movie is cursed... This movie is gonna be in a long ass delay... smfh
Am sorry but Jason Statham would be perfect for hit man.. the walk his swag.. perfect
Marvel at it again.. and again.. Damn.. I believe DC should start searching for good directors to do their movies... cause Marvel is sure kicking their ass
u1sart wrote a comment about the news item Tarzan Synopsis Released as Shooting Begins
Sorry but this sounds like crap... What about the origins of Tarzan,... Left in the jungle as a baby, grown by gorillas and apes... and him trying to protect his preserves as tarzan from industrialists.. SMH
Ok Here is my take on how they should do this..
1. Please please please.. Use proper visual Effects and monsters.. No Fake sh*t
2. Make these fighting scenes more awesome.. aint no way i can sit through a movie looking at some bullsh*t fight choreography
3. Leave out the spandex suits,... Id prefer leather or some synthetic material..
4. Please make this R rated... if not PG17 will do..
5. This suppose to be an original take of how they came around and how they got the name.. In other words how they started from scratch
6. Is there by any chance they can make it a bit dark and gritty.. This would be appreciated..
Yeaaayy... Wonderful
um no thank you.. never liked his movies anyways
I really do feel this justice league thing is been pushed too fast.. there is no creative way to introduce justice league or anything its like everything is just forced.... thats why marvel has the upper hand
The Man is back.. Mathew Vaughn.. I would love to see this guy do Gears of war.. see his take on it.. mmm


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