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I personally think that Mathew Vaughn Would have done a awesome job with this movie.. After watch the first Kickass.. I would be completely sold for him doing this in R-rated version
They need to cut the bullsh*t and come up with the movie.. even to get an Asian director to do it
I really Think DC should revamp their entire movie projects to a more formal and projected plan on executing their movies to have fans wanting more.. From 2008 - 2015, Marvel has produced 11 freaking movie.. DC on the other hand.. 1, (I wouldn't even count green lantern) Man of steel... Wasn't that effective to me, I feel there should have been more room for a kick off movie to bring out the characters. Making DC movies more edgy I do agree. but it takes more than making a movie "edgy" to get its fans. Getting directors who are comic book fans or an great understanding of the backstory of each character, would be good
Lets just see some damn trailers already.. I mean Marvel came out with frikkin 3 trailers so far...
My Concern is.. Why is DC so quiet.. I have heard nothing from them.. not even a prayer meeting.. what in the hell
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Am i the only one that think he would be perfect Drake for Unchartered.. Just saying
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I think Mathew vaughn would be a perfect director for Unchartered.. as well as Chris Pratt would be a perfect drake.. Good combo
I just don't feel comfy with the franchise for GI Joes... How I think they should have done this, is have Duke & Snake eyes Introduce, Other Joes in different series... with their own abilities and all... Being that There are so many Joes, that could have made it a bit more easier
@profile-48820540 Oh ok.. Thats cool, Not everyone will appreciate movies alike, thats cool.. Brokeback mountain probably your best movie yet...
@profile-48820540 Wow thats hard to say, about Vaughn.... The first kickass + Xmen first class was done well.. Chronicles was done well... I mean understand the frustration about fantastic four, but come one, Comparing good directors to poor just because things not looking your way, is a bitch move... Rethink your comment
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I really do think Chris Pine would play the perfect Drake... He has a smart mouth, plus he got the action look.. Just saying
@darkdream Yea I know... I really do hope they do Warcraft good though..
I think Peter Jackson would be perfect for World Of Warcraft.. Just saying, But maybe he can do witcher
I dont understand how the hell you gonna have a Gun Violent movie for kids... I don't get it... This sh*t should be Hard R..
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Chris Pratt would be perfect for unchartered As drake
DAMN.. Marvel is kicking DC's Ass
Try Orlando Bloom
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Try Doing Halo...
So what you saying.. no one should design or create anything about exploding buildings on 9/11... i don't get it


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