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so is "Irish Catholic" codeword for something else?
but see the ooze was never a alien (space) origin and because another meaning of alien is foreign hope that is what they are inferring. But the ooze was from TGRI and the plants but i guess you could ask how did the plants grow so big? Did it come from an alien life form that infected the plants to make them so big? But i dont know, its way to earlier to completely be out on this movie entirely. So hopefully they will just give a little more backstory on how the ooze ended up on earth and stay true to the franchise in itself. So im not out on it yet i just need some more info! =D
Maybe Eastman just drew it for Cudi because he's so weird so he wanted to draw him a unique take on a Turtle.
God i really hope that he is only involved with the music and score. (Not to be racist) But i can't see Casey Jones or April O'Neil black. And i just hope that Michael Bay doesn't BUFU it.
@supermanvenom i hope your right but Cavill i feel just doesn't have the pure stature that Welling did you know? Just everything about Welling was Superman/Clark Kent
Should have been Tom Welling as Superman no one since Christopher Reeve has done a better job! And everyone from the Smallville cast would have made a great film.
the reason they are doing that is because this is his last movie and the franchise is being handed over to jeremy renner
what the hell?
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Yvonne Strahovski is so hot!
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looks interesting
but i will be buying a pair if they make them
if they remake these films i will be furious!
can anybody tell me why they would steve rogers would have a gf from the 40's when in Captain America the only women who was close to him was atwells character and then he got frozen?
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well done Brad Bird
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those aren't really spoilers if you think about it
Well put and George Lucas made a great choice by not directs Empire because i believe that if he had directed it, it would not have been the film it is today.
all i have to say is people who think this is racism are dumb. listen when people cast a movie they look for specific people THEY want in there film. for instance to Tyler Perry he primarily casts african americans in his films. is that considered racism if a white person wants to be in the film but they said they are looking for african americans? so all i have to say about this whole thing is GET OVER IT! its how everything is always gonna be people are going to look for what they want in hiring someone.
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