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Getting in a huff about the morality of smoking in 'How I Met Your Mother'
Far be it [url=]charmed dvd[/url] for me to wag a scolding finger at a TV show for the messages it supposedly sends [url=]The L Word dvd box set[/url] to America's youth. While I agree there are appropriate times to show [url=]Gilmore Girls complete seasons[/url] age-appropriate material (i.e. leather-clad singers strutting about suggestively at 11 p.m at night on a network, rather than, say, [url=]Criminal Minds dvd box set[/url] 24 hours a day on MTV), I'm also a believer in parenting... you [url=] 24 hours seasons dvd[/url] know: taking an interest in what your children watch...
And since I generally don't run [url=]Family Guy dvd box set[/url] around nervously asking "Won't somebody please think of the children?" I'm not usually on the lookout for what a bit of TV entertainment [url=]South Park complete seasons dvds[/url] might be saying to me - other than, Did I entertain you?
All of which means [url=] Gossip Girl dvds[/url] I was struck by two divergent opinions about the moral message of last night's "[url=]How I Met Your Mother[/url]" (one of the finer sitcoms currently on TV - and not a show one usually looks to for life guidance). [url=]Grey's Anatomy dvd box set[/url] The story concerned the show's narrator, Ted, admitting to his [url=] COLD CASE seasons dvd[/url] future children (the entire show is a flashback) that he and his friends were all once social [url=]James Bond 007 movies dvds[/url] smokers.
When it comes time to quitting, the "[url=]How I Met Your Mother[/url]" crowd find the going not as easy as Ted makes it out to be:
As soon as the episode[url=]Walt Disneys 100 Years Of Magic dvd[/url] finished, my wife said, "Maybe I'm being prudish, but [url=]House MD dvd box set[/url] don't you think that was a pretty casual attitude toward smoking?"
The answer is yes - it was rather casual. [url=]Michael Jackson ultimate dvd collection[/url] But it also felt natural to the plot and the lives of the characters. A bunch of Gen [url=]The Beatles Limited Collection dvds[/url] Yers living in NYC who hang out in a bar and occasionally take up a cigarette? It ain't far-fetched... I've known plenty [url=]las vegas box set[/url] of folks who smoked socially during their single years (concerts and bars, etc.) but never [url=] One Tree Hill dvd[/url] habitually and eventually dropped the habit as they got older.
And yes, [URL=]charmed dvd box set[/URL] the episode showed the consequences of smoking (although in a cavalier and [url=]True Blood season dvds[/url] joking way, which I guess is what my wife objected to). But it was also pretty[url=]married with children dvd[/url] nonchalant about taking up the habit, and overtly showed the characters [url=]The L Word dvd box set[/url] continually caving in to peer pressure and picking up a butt. In the end, they all quit, [url=]Bones Seasons dvd[/url] but, per Ted's narration, not until years after the episode takes place.
Meanwhile, [url=]Star Trek Collection Series dvd[/url] in Facebook land, a former colleague of mine was having the exact opposite reaction. His status update before the [url=]Criminal Minds dvd box set[/url] episode even ended said:
[url=]How I Met Your Mother[/url] is doing a [url=]Doctor Who dvds[/url] terrific job making smoking seem uncool, showing dangers - without getting preachy or cliche about it.
I asked him about it via e-mail and he expanded his thoughts:
It was necessary to make it believable - the struggle with quitting, the peer pressure and social nature of smoking. But the raspy voice, coughing, burns. They all knew smoking was bad and eventually quit. It had to be a soft sell of smoking = bad or it wouldn't fly. But I think the message in the end was this is not cool.
"[url=]How I Met Your Mother[/url]," as I've said before in this space, is a fine, fine show - one of my favorites. It's got a sweet core about searching for love and friendship [url=]Farscape seasons dvd[/url] covered up by some laugh-out-loud comedy that always rescues it from getting [url=]Doctor Who dvds[/url] maudlin or treacly. It also concerns itself with a lot of casual sex, drinking to excess, destructive behavior, objectifying women and, as my fellow T/S-[url=]Criminal Minds dvd box set[/url] er Lisa Todorovich pointed out, a real penchant for the word "douche." And it's on at 8 p.m. - the so-called "family hour."
And yet, until last night, [url=]Star Trek Collection Series dvd[/url] I've never heard a peep from anyone about the "message" the show might be sending. I'm curious what you all think... Does "[url=]How I Met Your Mother[/url]" - or any other show, for that matter - have a responsibility to think about the message it's sending? Does CBS have a responsibility [url=]The Shield dvds[/url] to move the show to a later hour? Did the show even have a message. Like I said, it didn't even occur to me that it might be trying to send an anti-smoking message[url=]The Sopranos seasons dvd[/url] - yet others saw it that way.
Or are we all just blowing smoke?


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