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Mic? I keep forgetting lol. GIMME!
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Hmm. I might rent it later. I think I'm getting Left 4 Dead 2. You?
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I've played Assassins Creed for a short time. Beated the game. Nothing much later. I heard that AC2 is way better than AC1. "IGN" gave AC1 a 7.7/10. Now AC2 got a 9.2/10.
Therefore, still thinking about it.
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I'm still thinking. Assasins Creed 2...Left 4 Dead 2...
2 many sequels this month.
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Nothing much. As always. How bout you? Ya getting Left 4 Dead 2? I might.
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yea i know.. i am sick of this though.. they siriously need a faster way of chatting as well as posting comments.
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Thanks man! Watch some of the videos. :D
Twisted Smile wrote a comment about the news item Batman 3 Plans to Be Finalized in January?
Hopefully soon we get some solid facts instead of speculation regarding the next Batman installment.
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Jackson Rathbone talks about playing Sokka in The Last Airbender.

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2012 review up. See how the end of the world faired! :P
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Check my page for pics of Aang (Noah Ringer) in a Motion Capture Suit! :P
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shame it is indeed. you should make a facebook and add me.. we'll talk about sh*t.. its alot faster than both here and myspace. its like SUPERfast.. with that chat thingy... i am at the point of like stopping the use of this thing for chatting.. idk, its just boring going from one page to another to then another one to then another one just to answer a comment on your profile.. they need to make a chat thingy for us so we know how to talk to who..
hey ready for the next group thingy.. but we need to work hard on this one..
genius.. whenever your ready tell me.. we'll try to involve as many people as possible into this.. especially the actual movieweb account.. they need to hear our voice.. don't you think so?
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umm.. i am not the biggest fan of that. i use fb.. :P
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hey do you seem to have a fb or anything.. cause i find this too hard for me to communicate i have to load everypage twice to freaking write a comment.. do you have a facebook or something faster than this..
its going good btw, i just saw christmas carol good movie.
Wow, I wasn't even aware that The Dark Tower series was floating around. I would love to see it adapted. Very cool.
Twisted Smile wrote a comment about the news item Guillermo Del Toro to Make Hobbit Cameo
Great review. It's a shame that the film didn't live up to it's source material. I will give this a rent when it's released.
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Review for ACC is up. All I have to say is...ugh! :/
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Was here, Just thought I'd say hi. lol
I like it.