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gayanck   »  twistedandblown
Hello darling!!!!!!!
Wishing you a great week my friend.
Have you watched any new movies lately?
I watched Untraceable, a very good thriller.
I'll be in touch.
Have a nice day.
Buy, with love.
gayanck   »  twistedandblown
Hey my beautiful friend ..........
Just stopping by to say Hello...........
How's the things there.
Longtime............. but haven't heard from you.
Hope everything's OK with you.
I wish you a great weekend.
Talk to you soon...
Take care my friend,
with love
They call me ITCHY BALLS   »  twistedandblown

*sniff* sniff*

Oooohhh yuckkk...IT STINKS!
~Joy   »  twistedandblown
Hey girl, how you doin'? How's the weather up in P.I.?
Dark_888   »  twistedandblown
hi! thanks for add.see you around. bye
Dark_888   »  twistedandblown
hi! thanks for add.see you around. bye
gayanck   »  twistedandblown
Hi girl............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for add.
So U live in Manila, I love Philippine.
Actually it's a great country with lots of natural beauty. So do my country.
U know something, my favorite actress is also Angelina Jolie. I love watching her doing those amazing things in Tomb Raider series. Original Sin is a good thriller as well as a romantic.
I have watched Beowulf, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Taking Lives, One of my favorite - Gone in 60 Seconds, Beyond Borders, Alexander, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow...
Well when I'm talking about her it's a never-ending story. Will U please let me know if there are any great films of her other than these?
Sooo........... talking about U, U have a pretty face & U'r hair gives much beauty to the face.
U seems like a busy person, but when U'r free pls. do put a comment.
Thank you my friend,
I'll be in touch,
Buy with LOVE!!!!!!!!!
They call me ITCHY BALLS   »  twistedandblown
Phil Mata   »  twistedandblown
Actually its my real last name. Who do you know whose name is Mata too?
Space101   »  twistedandblown
Oh I must be doing good if it's keeping you busy. That's something I wouldn't be able to do...


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