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Why? whats wrong with the previous cast coming back for this last film? If they had to, then natalie is a good choice, as she looks like Bosworth a little. I wouldn't actually mind superboy doing some stuff, as I can imagine the scale of Brainiac's invasion would warrant another hero, and there is no point straying from what singer did with the last one. BRING THE CAST BACK.
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yeh I don't mind either, you've got chris nolan producing whch is awesome, and I hope Brandon Routh is back, because he was brilliant in the newest one, it just lacked more action.
Michael rosenbaum for the flash - justice league series voice - and lex luthor on smallville, he could do that part awesomely
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bring on the mysterious stranger...
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"Could Lethal Weapon 5 Reboot Mel Gibson's Career?"

Not unless this film is somehow able to reboot Mel Gibson...
I probably wont watch it. i died a little inside watching the 2nd movie which wasnt even comparable to the first movie. A lost boys sequel had such massive potential in the modern day, but all it has done is drain the energy of the first movie. As far as im concerned, Lost Boys was a 1-movie deal. If im being honest though, ill probably still watch it, even if it sucks, because october 12th is my birthday. Thats probably it.
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Totally agree with insert, btw Green Lantern looks awesome eh, good budget and all. But yeh, 1st one was maybe one of the most perfect movies ive seen, great balance between romance, action and comedy, I thought the new batman movies did that very well too. They lost their way on transformers 2, not enough thought went into it, one of the big things for me was the logic, like how older robots can teleport, and they didnt explain why things were the size they were. Things were too random for me. The action was very nicely done though, the one thing michael bay is skilled at, but the corny romance bits ffs - mikaela sitting alone with stupid music, really annoying. I HOPE they look to the first one for guidance, my idea was to actually highlight each robots individual abilities like in the first - bumblebee - comat, optimus - sword, ironhide - guns, ratchet - healing. But the second one was kinda carnage. btw good riddens megan fox, once someone is revealed to be an *sshole of that degree, it becomes very hard to tolerate a mediocre performance.
@Remy72883 Yeh I know, I hate it when people do that, taylor would be nothing like wolverine. I heard some girl say that jared padalecki should be superman, lol. Alot of people fan cast just because they like a person, and not because of acting ability/look like the character. I think Taylor will do some cool stuff eventually, Im not seeing stretch armstrong being a success though lol.
thankfully iron man, seems to have brought Marvel up to speed on that, and now projects like Thor and Captain America, will most likely rock. The Avengers will be amazing, but they should get Ed Norton as the hulk, without him, yeh sure we have the hulk, but all the other characters like thor etc. are having a character built up in previous movies, and for marvel to take that away is just insane. Like in the dark knight, where for me, I found it difficult to really care about Rachel's character because of the actor swap, which effectively creates a clean slate at the start which is no use.
I think the concept needs a reboot, because the writing and directing was so cheesy, childish, and awkward. They should aim for a 15-rated movie, and set the tone. Alot of marvel movies need to bring in the more epic atmosphere, and I think thats why fantastic 4 and spiderman are being rebooted.
Yeh I know, its like the biggest tragedy in terms of film-making, its pretty hard to keep the passion, and when it goes, its devastating. I think its the same reason that sequels almost always fail, they cant keep the energy up. But I think Nolan is too smart for that, he always has the right stuff for a movie, and he and his brother probably keep each other in check.
unbelievable is the word. No-one cares if he was insistant on the set, all that means is that he is enthusiastic about the project, which is obvious by the amount of things he has done in preparation - meetings with joss, keeping his schedule clear etc. As far as difficult actors go, he doesnt seem to be in the Megan Fox (allegedly) league. If anything I would say he's like Christian Bale on Terminator 4, a bit too 'passionate', but makes a damn good movie. All anyone wants is for the movie to be what it should be, and Ed isnt an obstacle.
it was pretty good, slow start and corny, but over-all pretty kick-ass
yeh i randomly thought about this the other day, thought it would be cool for disney to make them epic films, not kid movies, because you could make movies like beauty and the beast etc. quite interesting.
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Yeh totally agree, 3d is over-rated, just give me a digitally enhanced IMAX movie and Im good. 3d distracts more than anything else
by the way @Dfella504 I thought Don Cheadle was better in Iron Man 2 than the other guy.
god I hope so... Its not like the movie will be boycotted, because it will rule one way or the other, but it will be like The Dark Knight, were the ONLY flaw in the movie is the change in actor, they cant just build up Ed as the Hulk, and replace him in what could be called one of the most awesome superhero movies ever.
What a load of sh*t, ed would be great in the movie, as he was in the incredible hulk, the chemistry he would have with the other actors would be enough to hire him. Marvel owe him!!! After what he did on the hulk movie - he's an actual fan, and fought on set to bring the hulk to the screen in the right way, and now hearing how willing he was to do it, and that the studio had the money = this is just crap. I dont want some random to play banner, after what ed has done, he has earned his place. RECONSIDER