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They should cast Bill Nighy as the BFG, he was in "Jack the Giant Slayer", but he's such a perfect choice, and if you take his voice with elements of the cook from that movie, you have great potential for a remake.

BTW - the one issue I had with the original is that Sophie should have named him "The BFG" - doesn't make sense otherwise imo.
I would only really want to see that if she was fighting a pretty awesome villain with SHIELD - like Graviton (cool inception-style sequences) or if she merged character lines with she-hulk which is mega-doubtful lol, but would be epic to see.
I prefer her warbird persona, more military based for her fighter pilot origin.

Still hopin' for that Shazam movie...
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Man the plot sounds crazy, could be interesting lol. I agree with the anthology - but interconnected circ*mstances to bring characters together - like alot of the chills for me was the grown-ups weren't much help, but I don't really like the author storyline angle, though maybe it's due to Jack Black that this movie is even getting made.
couldn't they just cut it down into summary or something? The benefit of fans seeing the characters again surely warrants a few seconds of footage, meh
Oh, Gina Carano is Henry's ex, didn't know that. Might be why she wasn't considered, shame because she was quite a traditional looking greek mythology warrior princess type.
Anyone else spot Talulah Riley in Thor? Funny, her and Alice Krige are very bond-movie types IMO. Also Kara Tointon has an interesting look, havn't seen alot of her acting though.
@therealGoku I think Thor 2 is amazing, but a few things would have made it alot better (WARNING - SPOILERS!)

- like Odin using the Cube to beat Malakith in the end, and bringing back Freya too - using her death to rally the kids on purpose maybe, I thought that's why they had the whole 'she's just a mortal' stuff - so he could come be a hero in the final moments. The only bit I didn't really like was the after credits scene (first one), was a bit cheesy. Also - Odin should've blasted Loki to Jodenheim or something at the end, that would've been funny if his mother was revealed to be alive - played a player lol. But Odin was probably where the film was lacking most, wasn't as 'allfather' as his character was before - or portrayed in the animated stuff IMO.
With Ben and Henry, I really think Gina Carano is the best idea for Wonder Woman, her movie with Ewan MacGregor is pretty badass. Jaimie is an amazing actress, but give someone else a chance, Sif is kickass enough without being Wonder Woman too.
Gaku playing Goki? *sigh* sometimes it's hard being a dbz fan lol.
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The original is actually now one of my favourite movies - low budget, writer/ director did the sfx himself, most of it was filmed live (improvised scenery and actors etc) and the music is amazing. Scoot and Whitney were great, would've preferred a proper sequel, but I hope this continuation does justice to it's roots.
Yeh, he was good in it, but would've been nice to have original guy back. Heimdall was brilliant too. The movie's great btw, go see it!
Good choice, he matches quite well with Elizabeth, but I'm not sure if this pair will have chemistry with the rest of the cast, I guess these two will have a similar edge as Loki though.
I'd really like to see Tony Curran lead this, I think he'd ground the story pretty well, just a thought.
Was looking at the St. Trinians cast - and Tamsin Egerton and Talulah Riley look interesting for a bond film maybe?
I kind of understand why they looked at Helen - she has that classic femme-fatale sinister look about her, but I can't see her being much more than a receptionist or assistant to a bad guy maybe, but who knows, I havn't really seen her acting (except in I'm A Celebrity lol). Kate Upton is interesting, but hope her capacity in the movie is believable if they choose her, they'll make a good decision anyway.
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Sounds good, moon was well written. Hope its not some Adam and eve concept though, those 2 need a proper sci-fi action movie IMO.
@bane5000 Man there is no way Trevor could be the mandarin, but it could be cool if they broke him out of jail, and Killian or someone was still alive - to manipulate their way back in with shapeshifting.

By the way, why was Killian a terrorist anyway? I completely forgot, lol. He's got good reason now though I guess, but it'd be overplaying the whold 'terminator revive' concept - BUT if he did change into Mandarin, that would cover that nicely with a twist.
@therealGoku Interesting though isn't it - if Extremis can reconfigure DNA then in theory they could pull a G.I. Joe and duplicate his appearance - could be quite good (even have him kill the actor guy/ meet). But yeh, they have plenty of villains to mix it up - I was expecting genetic stuff with Happy, so it's possible they could do something like that.