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Very interesting. While i am rather excited to view this film, i will have low expectations.
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Okay. Here's how you make your profile layout.

First, find a picture that you want to use for your background and save it to your desktop. I recommend uploading a wallpaper sized picture for your background.

Now, go to "". There you will see a column to your left. Scroll down until you find "TSF Profile Editor". Click on that. You will be shown a page with tabs lining the middle (Intro, Background, Tables, Text, Scrollbars, etc). Start with the Background tab. When you upload your photo into the "background" tab, you must upload that SAME photo into the "tables" tab (table background image), otherwise you're have weird white gaps everywhere. Next, follow the tabs to customize your text, font, etc. I recommend previewing your profile after you do all that. Click on the "finish" tab. The top left button is "preview my layout". To your right is "generate my code". Click "preview my layout". Make sure it looks right. If it's not right, go back and play with your options until it's just right. Then, generate your code, select all, copy, and paste it at the top of your "about me" section of the "edit your profile" tab. You can get there by clicking on, "My Account" at the top of any Movieweb page.

Now, if you want to do music and photos, make an account at and, playlist for music and photobucket for pictures. It's free! You can generate codes for pictures once you upload them (HTML code), and you can find the code for your playlist easily. Browse the music by searching for your favorite titles and save them to your playlist. Copy the codes and paste them in your "about me" section, UNDER your profile layout code. If you paste it above or in the middle, it will mess up everything. Where you paste your code will determine the order that you will see your pictures when you scroll down. Good examples of other awesome profiles are Vampire2000, Twisted Smile, FOY, and The Fallen. We like making SWEET profiles.

It's all a matter of trial and error, but this setup should get you started on a really sweet page.

That should do it. Let me know if this works for you, okay?
Diaigma   »  tokyoICON
Grr. I have misplaced it. I'll type up the instructions for you tomorrow. Sorry for the wait. It has been busy today.
Diaigma   »  tokyoICON
It's a long and involved process. I have instructions to tell you how on my work computer. I'll get back to you on Tuesday. Until then, play around with "". That's what I used.
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Thanks for the add, Friend :)
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Thanx for the add.
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"Man does Mann deliver!"
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Thanks for the Add! :)
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"" The snow is very much alive in this Nazi-zombie kill fest! If blood,guts,humor,Nazi-zombies,and more blood are your thing then you will be more than pleased. I was!!!""
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