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Controversy Happens when People Don't Know When To SHUT UP!!!!
Titanictom wrote a comment about the news item Carrie Gets an R Rating, 4 New TV Spots Debut
Rated R Really?...DUH!!!!!!!!
Get 1 or 2 Of the StuntMen/Actors From the Last Predator Film-They are About or Near 7 Feet Tall!!!!!
Superman {the Movie:1978} Started The SuperHero Trend By Being Serious and Toning Down On The Camp...Richard Donner,Christopher Reeve Gene Hackman and Marlon Brando Starred!!! Story By Mario Puzo [GodFather Saga} Give Credit Where It's Due!!!!!!!
Yea...But Yet He Still Gets a Job At The Dailly Planet At The End??? BullShlock!!!!!!!!!!
SUCK IT.......Whedon!!!!!! Buffy's Finale wasn't #1 With a Bullet!!!!!
Titanictom wrote a comment about the news item Mary Poppins 50th Anniversary Trailer
Go Fly A Kite!!!!!!!!!
Hello...Godzilla:Final Wars!!!!!!!
Why???Cut The Crap and Do the Justice Leauge Movie already!!!!!!!!!
No...Most Likely a Giant Spider or Ant Or other Bug That Big Green G Will Fight!!!!
If They Really Wanted to Honor Christopher Reeve-They Shouldn't Have Made This OVERBLOWN Mess and They Should have Done a Movie That Makes Sence...Clark Works For the Daily Planet at The End-Over 75% Of Metropolis Was Destroyed or heavily Damanged and he's going to work There???? I Think Not!!!!!!
@pjwolsker They showed the whole movie in the trailer-Is old school Talk {1980's} Your Youth and Sarcasm Are Duley Noted!!!!
Just Like Hollywood to show the whole Movie in The Trailer!!!! Should Be Called Lockout 2...We've Seen This Before Haven't We????
LuxollI I spell Better Than Most People. 2nd Post Means after as in After the Fight In N.Y. {The Avengers} 3rd Dr Banner Has More than a Month of Hair On His Face in The After/Post Credit Sequence at The End Of The Film!!!! I've Gone about 6 Weeks without Shaving and Had About Just as Much Hair on My Face!!! Hair Can Grow at Different Raits of Speed on Different People Plus The Hair[s] Can be Trimmed.....DUH!!!!!!!
Rest In Piece Mr Harryhausen You may be gone But Not Forgotten-Interestingly Enough This is also the Year of The 80th anniversary of the Origanal KING KONG!!!!!! The Film that got Mr Harryhausen into His Job/Work to Begin With;THe Film also inspired Peter Jackson as well when he Saw a Rerelease of it at The Age of 9!!!!!
I.M.3 Takes Place Only A Short Time After The Evengers-In The Post Credit Footage You Will Notace Dr. Banner Has A Month or Two Of Facel Hair on Him...I.M.3 is a Flashback!!!!!!! People Really Need To Pay Attention When They see a Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Problem With D.H.5....To Short-Another 25 minutes added to the Movies Plot would have MADE A BIG DIFFERANCE!!! Also Having it Take Place in ANother Country and Having John Mcclane seemingly Invincable also was a no no Plus the Yipee Kyee was almost Phoned in....Hopefully They Will TRY HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!
Titanictom wrote a comment about the news item Man of Steel Soundtrack Details Revealed
John Williams....Nuff Said!!!!!!!!!
Titanictom wrote a comment about the news item Robert Downey Jr. Wants to Retire as Iron Man
He Could Still Be T.S. Someone else Could be IronMan [Think Robin as in Batman and Robin} Duh!!!!
The Star Wars Encyclopedia-3 HardCover Book Set If A Fan...Make Freinds With it!!!! Other Then That As Darth Vader Said "I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing"!


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