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I Should Win Because I Know That... The Novel The Detective and Film of The Same Name Are Prequels To Die Hard-and That The Book Nothing Lasts Forever Is The Basis For The Sequels[Except 58 Minutes is The basis For Die Hard 2} Nuff Said!!!!!
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Looks Kickass Cool Now Bring On Hellboy 3!!!!!!!!
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SuperMan:The Movie...Nuff Said!!!!!
Why Come Back as A Ghost;He Can/Could Come Back in the Flesh-The Film Makers Can/Could Explain His Return With A FlashBack That Shows How He Survived his being Thrownout The Window!!!!!
John Jr. was Mentioned in Live free or Die Hard as was his Wife Holly!!!
How About a Knights Of The Old Republic Trilogy That Takes Place 700 or So Years before Episode 1???!!!!
Animal Protection has Been Around For only about 45 years not 70 plus a Movie Back in the late 1970's[ The Lion In Winter} Was Fined Because of cruelty to Horses...The Dog From The Little Rascels Was Poised By His Owner and The Original ClydeThe Orangatang was beaten to Death By His Owner...Some Protection Eh???!!!!
Finally a Mother Who Did The Right Thing...Where Are The 'Experts' When You Really Need Them Huh???????!!!!!!!!
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This R.H 's 3rd Vampire Related Film After Dracula 3:Assention and The Remake of Salem's Lot!!!!!
There Are Sequels To Gone With The Wind!!!!! Scarlett{Was Made Into A 4 Part Mini Series} and Rhett Buttler's Men- Still Only Just A Book!!!!!
Psycologist/Doctor Not Cop Played By Malcolm McDowell In Halloween Remake!!!!!!!! mHe's a Copp In This Unnessacerry ReMake!!!!
Peter Jackson Has My Vote Also!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Think Speilberg Should Direct a Star Wars Film!!!!!!!
Not Every Film Needs A Sequel-Leave Well Enough Alone!!!!!!
Nay Sayers and Non Fans...SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!
Cool And Smart...Go George!!!!!
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Real Nice To Steal That Title From A Planned Sequel To Escape From L.A. From Director John Carpenter!!!!!!
As a 5o Plus Year Old Yes-They Can Do What Was Done To Jeff Bridges in TRon:Legecy!!!!!
Roberto Mata If You Don't Respect others and Your Elders They Won't Respect You Ya Punk!!!!!!
Dumb Da Da Da Dumb Dumb....F*cking Dumb!!!!!!!


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