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Vaders Armor Was Destroyed/Burned At The End Of Jedi So You Can Stop With The Stupid Rumors!!!!
Predictable Crap With The Usual Sex And Blood and Junk We've Seen 50+ Times Before In Other Horror Franchises......Pass On It!!!!!
Jaws Paved The Way Not This-The Film Should Be Called The Joker Since He's in Most Of The Movie!!! Star Wars and Indiana Jones Films Too....Just Saying!!!!
Well That Leaves About 75% Of The Population Out Of It Don't It!!!!!
For Us Older Folks Only!!!!!!!
Titanictom wrote a comment about the news item David James Elliot Cast as John Wayne in Trumbo
Ain't Nothin Like The Real Thing Baby-You Can't Out DUKE THE DUKE!!!!!!!!
Yeah He's Gonna Tel Superman How Much The Last Film Was Just A Rehash Of 1&2 With Pieces 0f 3&4 Thrown In And Made To Look Like A New Movie.....CHRISTOPHER REEVE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just Doing The same Ol Same Over And Over With A Different Franchise Is Not Original-Doing This Again Is Just Halloween And Friday The 13th...Junk Is Junk...In 3D!!!!
Hardly a ReBoot A Contiuation[5+ Sequels} Twilight Sucks Balls Compared To This!!! Think Hammer Draculas!!!!!
He's Already Been To The Darkside as The Man Of Shlameel-He'd Be A Better Sith Lord Than Superman That's For Sure.....Chris Reeve Forever Nuff Said!!!!!!
Titanictom wrote a comment about the news item 6 Epic Fails in Transformers: Age of Extinction
Chicago Is Called The 'Windy City' Because Of The Politicians Not Because Of The Actual Wind....Duh!!!!!!
It's What The Fans Want Let Disney Sit and Spin On That!!!!!!
Titanictom wrote a comment about the news item Dracula Untold Trailer Starring Luke Evans
The Original Batman.....
DUH...What Stupid Scmuck Came Up With This One....
Titanictom wrote a comment about the news item Is Robert Pattinson the Next Indiana Jones?
Enough With The Bullcrap Rumors-Harrison Wants To Continue Playing The Role So It's More Than Enough With Even More Stupid Stuff Coming Down The Pike/Grapevine!!!!!!!!
The Stephen King Book Dr. Sleep Should Be a Film!!! A Prequel Is a Dumb Idea!!!!!
Told Ya......Money Talks!!!!!!
"I can't {Get Back}It's Just Him And Me....Kyle Reece. The Reason That There Shouldn't Be A Terminator 2: Judgment Day!!! "Somethings Different Somethings Changed" Terminator: Salvation..
There is a Book series based On Rouge Group From Star Wars With Wege Antellize-The Series Takes Place a Short Time After The Events Of R.O.T.J. So There Could Be Something To This!!!!!
What About Crock 3??!!


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