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You Mean Maybe Not May Be There Is a Difference!!!
Naysayers Should Try Reading The Tie-In Movie Books They Might Learn Something-You Can't Put In 7Plus Hours Of Material into a 2hour and 12 minute film....Just Saying!!!!!!
Have some Proof Before You Make The Allegation Or SHUTUP...The Persons Timing Should be A Clue!!!!!!
Most Likely A Spiderman X-men Crossover Will Happen Think About It!!!!!
One Of Them Was In Return of the Jedi Also!!!!!
Most Likely Will Be Used in Trailers and Or Poster Campains But Title Will Not Change!!!!
@gumperman There Is A Sequel To Dances With Wolves It's Called The Holy Road it is Being Considered to being Made into A Film!!!
If You add InFlation Into It The Star Wars Saga Has Made Over 6 Billion Just In Movie Ticket Sales Plus 21 Billion I[And Growing} In Merchandising !!! It Pays To Do The Research!!!!!!!!!
How about a Blue Oyster Bar Spinoff???!!!
Time To 'Give up The Ghost[s].........
The Mistake They Made A Few Years Back Was Having The Pink Panther Speak!!!!!
Titanictom wrote a comment about the news item Superman Saves Sandra Bullock in Gravity
Footage From Superman 4 The Quest For Peace...Big Deal!!!
X-men & Avengers Crossover Thanks to Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch...Just Saying!!!! Could Spiderman Be Joining Them After Amazing Spiderman 3??!!
Titanictom wrote a comment about the news item Indiana Jones 5 Reboot Rumors Denied
I Could See Cooper Taker Over Shia Laborings Role But Not Indy-Harrison Still Wants To Play Jones Even At 70Plus!!!!!!!
A.K.A. Twister 2
That's The way It's Done Son....Cool And Awsome!!!!!!!!
Titanictom wrote a comment about the news item Is Star Wars: Episode VII Returning to Hoth?
No But Our Heroes Will Be Returning To Cloud City And You Will See The Planet Bespin and You Will Also See The Planet Kessel [As Mentioned By C3P0 and Han Solo} Just Saying!!!!!!
Titanictom wrote a comment about the news item Zorro Reboot Adds Writer Chris Boal
If A.B. & K.Z.J. Aren't In It Forget It!!!!!!!!!
Leaked?? Not Hardly!!! PUT ON!!!! BECAUSE You're Putting Us On!!!!!


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