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Will there be a third batman movie? Im almost 100% sure there will be...why? simply

whether or not nolan is the one to come back and direct will all depend on if a good enough story comes around (as he said) which with time, im sure someone will think of something

i think TDK was an amazing movie, one my most favorite..i would love to see another amazing batman film to come out of nolan to at least close it off as a trilogy..but if not, im am more than happy with what was made

but idk if they should kill batman, it would be pretty profound and it would be an easy and interesting way to end the series, but on the other hand, its batman and not too many ppl would really like seeing him die...

i pray for a third batman flick by nolan..but if not..i respect his judgement...

we will just have to wait and see...
This is better than porn

This movie is gonna kick ass...
You are right The Dark Knight...2nd best movie of 08
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This will be sweet.
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I know that its for a good cause but i had to laugh at the randomness of this...$5100? we will either see one of two things with the whole "extra part" in the film, we will either see an Iron Man fan that is washed up, weighs 300 lbs, and lives with his grandmother so he can afford to be in this part...or we will see Hugh Hefner(dont spell check that) have a cameo in the film.
Wow John Moore is a whiner. How could he even try to make the film PG-13, when the game its based off is rated M? How would it greatly affect the box office when most of the people that are fans of Max Payne are already over 17? Plus the only real edgy part of TDK in my opinion was Two-Faces scarred left half, there wasnt any heavy language, no R-rated violence, and no sexual content ever. I think the only way to stay true to an adaptation of a video game thats rated M, is to expect to get the same rating in the movie biz, an R.
As much as i would have loved to see Two-Faces character more than i did, i think that nolan took an interesting path to make a HUGE character of the comics a "secondary" villain in the film. And i thought it was neat and slightly original that he didnt 100% stick to the comic. The audience has already seen him if they are gonna top TDK with its sequel theyre gonna want to have something new. i thought that as far as three movies are concerned...two-face's appearence was just long enough if theyre gonna introduce more villains in the third movie. i wouldnt want to see another spiderman 3 being choked with villains
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"A heart pounding, thrilling, humorous, exciting ride...the best super hero movie and arguably the best movie of all time..."
It will be interesting to see what nolan does... but whatever happened to the hints towards the harvey dent-two face villian in the trailers? Why isnt he being mentioned? is two face just a quick cameo villian in The Dark Knight? or would he be one to be in the 3rd one?
ArchAngel reviewed the movie 10,000 B.C.

"gets as old as the title says"
ok i thought he looked better in the rags...saw this trailer the day it was released, laughed my ass off...looks good...that suit tho? eh not so much
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thanks it was definitely alot of programming
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Yea sure blu-ray is sweet, but am i really gonna wanna spend so much money to not only get a blu-ray player (i hate PS3s) but also to upgrade all my movies to the high def format? idk
sounds sick, yea AndrewRyan, they were talkin bout dinobots sayin that there would have been transformers that landed on earth before modern tech. making the only things they could disguise themselves as were the dinosaurs
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"Step aside Eastwood, Bale and Crowe are in town!"
i think The Brazilian Job would be a hit. The hilarious Mos Def, the brilliant Edward Norton, and the (should have been hitman)Statham made The Italian Job such an awesome movie
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Thanks for adding me. I see ur a fan of Batman Begins. Best Bat-film ever huh? The Dark Knight looks to be even better. That's a shocker about Heath, isn't it?
Their probably gonna either dedicate the film or pay respect to him in the credits or before the movie...its nice to see some film makers with a heart...not like some of the money whor*s out there
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WOW...and i mean that in every aspect, there is a strong division where i live between W.O.W. players, and W.O.W. haters. i personally am in the middle, W.O.W. has always been a small interest of mine, i just wouldnt have the time or capacity to play it. but it'll be interestin to see what comes of it on the big screen.
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"An enjoyable experience, with stunning visuals, an interesting plot, a few moments of preachyness, but overall a great movie."
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I like the fact that it picks up merely hours after Casino Royale concluded. Nice title. Looks sweet. Like Daniel Craig. Can't wait