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all thumbs up... great casting.
just hoping that this next one is better than the last one. The last one was a fail, in The Mime's opinion.
Just awesome. Epic Trailer!
Interesting Idea....The Mime loves the HP franchise, can't wait to see how this one turns out....
TheMime wrote a comment about the news item Gotham: Is Penguin Really the Joker?
On one of the earlier episodes, The Mime believes it was the first time we met Jada Pinkett Smith's character, there was a comedian on her stage. Could that have been a hint, or was that a different character all together?
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This is as bad as casting Ben Affleck as BatMan in the BvsS. The character is basically French. The one playing him should at least sound good when doing Cajun & The Mime can't see Tatum doing Cajun. Remains to be seen.
TheMime wrote a comment about the news item Meet the Creatures and Cast in Strange Magic
The whole thing just reminds The Mime of "Arthur & the Minimoys", the bad guy kinda looks like the bad guy in Arthur....It would be interesting if they take a new approach. Final opinion due post-viewing.
The Mime is agreeing with what @jennifer Katovcic first said. Anime's like this one is a hard class, and hollywood likes to get in on these things and they just end up ruining it and left the FANS disappointed. Then again, it is one of those things where if they get lucky (unlikely) and pull it off, it would be amazing.
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Prequels are kind of interesting. The Mime can't wait to see how it comes out.
TheMime wrote a comment about the news item Frankenstein Vs. the Mummy Trailer!
The trailer is Suck as S#!T....sorry but The Mime has seen better from really cheap stuff.
The Mime is all up for it
TheMime wrote a comment about the news item Six Rise of the Guardians Character Posters
This is very interesting......
Film being JUST funny doesn't cut it anymore these days. Yeah, keeping to the GBs feel, it should be funny, but it won't cut it.
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tsk tsk....nothing better to do anymore hay Hollywood?!...tsk tsk
@vampire2000 ....The Mime agrees. Venom was such a complex and very interesting character. The way they cramp the guy into Spiderman 3 was a big fail. Introducing the character like what they are planning on doing right now is a way to go. That way, when his and Spidey's worlds collide, it should make for a great story.
TheMime wrote a comment about the news item The Amazing Spider-Man 'Gwen and Peter' Featurette
This is going to be very interesting. But real judgement will be passed after seeing the movie. But with the trailers and all, certainly cements this film to the "this-is-goin'-to-be-f**ken-awesome" list.
yeah...The Mime noticed that, too.
TheMime wrote a comment about the news item Snow White and the Huntsman Japanese Trailer
The Mime finds this to be very interesting....
TheMime wrote a comment about the news item Venom Gets Revived with Director Josh Trank
It would take some serious work to try and rectify the injuries that the last Spider-Man movie left on the image of the "Venom" character. Doing a spin-off would be one of the hard ways to go about it. To try and come up with a story that wouldn't include the Web-Slinging hero would only result in another damage to the "Venom" figure. What The Mime think they should do is wait on it a little bit, and when the time is right, make a movie that would have Venom as a villain and the only villain in the movie. That way, it would the "Movie-makers" more space to work with and forge a different, even cooler, path that would at least overshadow the sad, disappointing experience that is Spider-Man 3. But that's what The Mime thinks......just a thought.


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