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Looks very predictable, but might rent it depending on reviews
To 'Rock':

Arnold is making a cameo in this movie as well. IMO, Arnold should play the dictator, haha
one word.........CLASSIC
you can't see down someones boobs, moron, you can see down someones shirt and therefore see their boobs and cleavage, but seeing down there boobs is not only immature, but really pathetic. nice try though.
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I love Carnage too, however, if they do decide to please the fanboys and include him, them they would have to make it a dark type spidey movie. Carnage is a killer, so unless they ruin Carnage or make the movie dark, I don't see how they could bring him in. Plus I think they would rush carnage onto the screen considering we haven't been introduce to Cassidy yet. IMO, Lizard(because they've already introduced the character) and/or Kingpin (because you'd get henchmen like Scorpion and Rhino. Oh and one last thing I agree with CBjunior, kill of MJ. Kirsten sucks, as MJ!
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"I know what you did last summer" much?
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WoW, Agent Vis, don't forget your tampons in the morning. Jesus! you may want to go get some anger management classes. However I do agree with you that it doesn't need to be dark, I wouldn't mind anew cast, but i also agree that its way too soon. either wya, all of u will see it.
Why thank you sir, I say we stop this arguement and just wait to see the movie, then one of us will be sitting in the theater, thinking "HAHA I was right, F*ck that guy".
Yes, thank you Agent VIS. You proved that its very likely that that guy isn't DeadPool. And to mister Norman McK. Why do u feel its necessary to belittle other people and use imature shortened slang to insult someone who was not being rude to u at all. Now I could have used insulting language such as: "Your F*Cking stupid go crawl under a rock and swallow a bullet" or "Norman McKsucking C*ck, your probably the biggest F*g ever and u have no clue as to whats going on around you.". But instead I chose to not do that and simply comment about ur comment using very polite words to describe to you my feelings towards what u had to say. But i would like to say to you sir, have a great day, and I truely hope nothing bad happens to you or any1 of you loved ones. :)
@ Atreus asking if they are doing "the sand of time" trilogy style prince of the new version prince - Considering the movie at which pictures we are commenting on is titled The Prince of Perisa: The Sands of Time. I'm going to go out on a limba nd guess that they are going for the Sands of time trilogy style prince. IDK i could be wrong on that.

On to my comment. I like it, I hope disney doesn't make it suck. I personally think he looks more like the Warrior Within stlye prince than they Sands of Time "little boy" style (based on other pics i've seen). Either way, I'll see if for sure. Crossing fingers on this!
Well sir, if u are referring to the mutant @ 1:53, i highly dont see that as DP, lookes nothing like him and is not disfigured. Plus that same mutant is at the end of the trailer and appears to have yello beams coming out of his eyes, I dont recall DP having that power. But thank you for attempting to one up me. Good luck next time.
Hate to be that guy and tell you to stop complaining about there being no mask for Deadpool, but please stop whining. He doesn't have a mask because he hasn't gone to weapon X and been horribly disfigured yet. He gets that mask and costume after volunteering for weapon X so that they can cure his terminal cancer by geneticall enhancing him using a former volunteer's (Wolverine) healing factor ability. So Ryan will probably find out about his cancer in this movie leading to a spin-off movie with Deadpool as the main character.


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