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Don't comment on this thread if your not going to talk about the subject and instead belittle someone who is clearly messing wiht you and trying to piss you off. So that I'm not a total hypocrite, IMO Iron Man 2 will be very good and I love Rourke as the villian, didn't know he had such an awesome accent. Also I don't think anyone can do Tony Stark better than Robert Downy Jr.
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TheKingofAmerica gave this a Thumbs Up
Cannot wait or this. I think it may pay tribute to the source very well. Here's hoping!
Wow i didn;t hear that there was a gladiator remake coming out. cool, i liked Gladiator alot and this sequel should be good...................oh wait, this isn't a Gladiator sequel? could have fooled me. but i'll still keep an eye on this one
I like Rob's first one alot, but this second one made me want to walk out! I was laughing the whole time at how stupid the "story" was, how useless the random death scenes were, and how F**KING annoying Taylor Scout-Compton's character was. She literally just screamed/cried the whole movie. scale of 1 to 10 i say 3/10

On to the alternate ending: So what? Is she dead? Dreaming? Retarded? What? In my opinion that ending was worse than the original. It offers no conclusion and just leaves a felling of "what the F**k!"
WoW! They can make the tickets for this movie $30 each and 14 year old fat and lonely girls will still have their parents pay for them to go. This is sad America, truely sad
Why are you laughing your f**king ass off?
I like John Malkovich and could easily see him as Vulture. However, Idk if Vulture is the way to go. As far as Anne Hathaway as Felica Hardy, I say that would be good but only if eventually she becomes Black Cat not some Vulturess sh*t. I don't read comics much and I don't recall a "Vultress", but i could be wrong.
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I know that there is one movie that he didn't cameo in, I can't place my finger on what movie, but I remember watching it and at the end wonder, "where the hell was Stan!"
Rightfully so, great movie!
Why is this news worthy?
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This is my favorite show right now. Loved the drama, Not to spoil anything, but as far as the finale goes, I loved it. I thought they would tie up all loose ends and was worried they wouldn't have a new story for the third season, but after watching the finale, HOLY SH*T do they have alot to work with now!
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I agree, poor Hugh Jackman inpersonation.
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Again, why is this news?
Why is this news? Doesn't really give any news on the production. Just a picture of one of the guys in it. So what?
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This will be bad ass if they make Mickey look like this in the movie, should be black metal armor though


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