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These posters are extremely lazy and lack creativity.
Megan Fox serves her purpose in the series. She is for her looks. fine. I don't like her character, but i think it's going to be really dumb to not include her character. They will play it off in dialouge by saying something about her character moving or something dumb. I think that's stupid. Atleast put her in and kill her charcter, but don't just not include her. Bay has a grudge. point blank.
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bawnianxyz = obvious virgin
@ ridgl, half the spider-man suit is CG.
I did have a comment about this until I read the comment below me. PLEASE tell me your joking or mentally retarded. Evangeline Lilly plays Kate you dumbass. It's not a big deal though she is simply one of the main characters and arguably the hottest women on the show. Clearly your not a LOST fanboy because you mistake a huge character for a minor character with really no purpose other than to give the fat guy some lovin.
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Unusual, Normally IMAX is for movies with A-List blockbuster potential or doc*mentaries (lol). Didn't knwo they were accepting B-list franchises that ruin the stories they are based on. With that said, I will see the movie because I saw the others and I'm excited for Wesker and Wenterworth Miller's Chris Redfield. But i wont pay for 3D or IMAX
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I like it sour
I guess I'll be that guy and say how f*cking retarded this looks. I really hope this isn't legit.
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HA! Good!
If you want to pay for the original then i'm pretty sure u can buy it for $5. I have all of them and I'm a fan of Freddy. I will see this reboot because i am a fan of this story. I've accepted that Roberts gone. I'm not happy about it, but i've accepted it.
Hmmm interesting. I like Ryan and Emma alot, but i HATE Jeff Daniels. UGH! W/e, I Will still check this out.
Ummmm, didn't really say much about the remake. Way to go Movieweb.
Hey "Jakn", i really want to see you the shut the f*ck up!
Hey movie web, can you just let us know when Spiderman is cast? Because you've had like 3-4 feeds about "is he spidey-he isn't spidey". We don't care. Just give us a yes or now already
I actually like this idea. This Davy Jones in The Pirates movies. It could look very good and way better than a rubber suit. Just as long as they don't give him nipple marks like poor old Bats.
Good to see that the people involved in making this franchise have yet to play a Resident Evil video game. That's pure intellect and dedication to your craft ladies and gentleman.


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