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Bullet - dodged.
I can't stop laughing at these!
I hated The Lone Ranger and I personally think Blue Jasmine is one the year's most overrated films. Save for 1 & 6, the rest of the movies on the list are pretty damn good.
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Man, the animation looks terrible!
@2movieguys Just when you find a good looking movie to look forward to seeing towards the end of the year, it gets pushed back just a few months more.

I too second that DAMN!!!
Nicolas Cage in a Left Behind remake... this outta be good.. lol
Hot damn!
hehehe... Movie 43.
I'll most definitely be getting this!
I believe in you Affleck!
Yeah, bitch!
That second cover for some reason doesn't make any sense to me, once you compare the size of the little girl to the Jaegar.
A new Poter?
Son of a bitch! An Extended Edition?!!! Are you sh*tting me?!!
@CoreyB I was about to say the same thing
@lazerdude I agree. Don't take the money, Bale!
Ingenius title
WTF?!! That was only 30-seconds long!
This pleases me so.

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