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No Dragon Tattoo sequel? Oh,well - this will do. Can't wait!
This could work extremely well...
Noah was definitely one of the strangest and most surprising films I've come across this year. I've seen it twice now and it's one of my favorites of 2014 so far.
The Incredibles 2 is finally coming to theaters... (YAY!!!) 2019 (SONOF*GODDAMNMOTHERF*CKINGBITCH!!!!!!!!)
This should be a no-brainer. No one gives a sh*t about Ninjago.
@thedude1 Couldn't agree more.
@shuabert Still, not a whole lot you can say even with that timespan. God tells Noah to build an ark, he does, flood comes, good people (and animals) are saved, the end.

But since it's Aronofsky, he'll probably add a few scenes like Noah drinking sperm from the Tree of Life or Jennifer Connolly going ass to ass with Emma Watson - stuff like that.
Best Movie of 2013.
Are studio execs really this stupid?
This sucks.
The Knight Has Risen wrote a comment about the news item Fifty Shades of Grey Poster
I don't know why but the back of this guy's head looks very much like Benedict C*mberbatch from Star Trek Into Darkness.

"Now, Ms. Steele... shall we begin?"
@undeadslayer4 Dunno. It just is.
@2movieguys Go watch Battlestar Galactica and you will know.
@kingbrady Mmm-hmm-hmmm... *Thumps chest* Mmm-hmm-hmm...
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Spider-Man vs... lightning??!!
The Knight Has Risen wrote a comment about the news item Peter O'Toole Passes Away at Age 81
"Not everyone can become a great artist; but a great artist can come from anywhere."

RIP Peter O'Toole
(you were 'also' the bomb in Phantoms)
"Dracarys, f*cker!" lol
What, is George R.R. Martin in charge of writing duties now?
We want a trailer now, Rodriguez! NOW, GODDAMN IT!!! NOW!!!

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