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TheDude1 wrote a comment about the news item Gal Gadot Shares First Triple Nine Set Photos
@ObiWanShinobi Compared to Gadot, she would be a great idea.
@ghostman Hitting that 100 million dollar mark for the opening weekend is a big benchmark, since it hasn't been done yet this year. And without it they would have passed 300 million worldwide. So fudging the numbers wouldn't be out of this world.
@ghostman Actually, Deadline has a new article saying the new actual number is even false, and all the studios are agreeing. They say that it made 97 million and they are fudging the numbers to not only pass the 100 million mark, but to pass 300 million worldwide.

Which I wouldn't doubt at all.
@ghostman Yep, the actuals showed it was real, I made those comments about the estimates. Deadline even had an article over the weekend saying rival studios were claiming the numbers were BS.

Hard to fudge the actual numbers domestically. Overseas is a different story though.
TheDude1 wrote a comment about the news item Gal Gadot Shares First Triple Nine Set Photos
Kate Winslet would have been a better idea for Wonder Woman.
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@superman81 Overseas is clearly becoming more important, but the big test is still domestically. The films play longer here, and the studios get a larger share of the money here.

Overseas is also much more hard to follow as we don't get a daily update like we do for the domestic numbers. Not to mention overseas usually starts big then falls hard in just a few weeks. So basically, we will know a lot by the time the new Apes movie is out.
@superman81 So basically you think it can top 300 million domestically? That is wishful thinking for sure.
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@superman81 1 Billion easily? That might be a problem. Sure it will crush over the next 12 days, but then the new Apes movie comes out.

Also remember this film will likely make 50 to 100 million less than Dark of the Moon here domestically. How much will it drop overseas if it does? Even a slight drop overseas sends this film under the Billion mark.
This is a BS studio estimate. I would bet some money that Monday afternoon this number drops a couple million dollars.
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@ejk1 No, I understand you. And frankly I may have came off as a complete hater of this franchise.

My point basically is this would be like having 4 Batman movies and completely ignoring The Joker. The masses would get upset, especially if they had such a great opportunity to bring him in.
@ObiWanShinobi I read earlier in the day that they are considering finally bringing in Unicron, but you are saying, from articles I'm guessing, they are having problems bringing him in. I simply say, how the hell is that possible when they could have easily brought him into this film.


Even if they only hinted at him that would have been fine. Like for example, they say a supreme force created Galvatron, and not Megatron, which was just downright moronic by the way.
@ejk1 I agree on the surface with Bay's comments. I really do, and it a basis for all films that get awful reviews and tear it up at the box office. I work with money, and being a success is always key, and Bay always does it, so I respect him in that. I just have problems with this film. I enjoyed parts 1 and 3, and I give him credit for that, but ignoring major characters after so many films is just crazy.

I really hope Bay, or someone else for that matter brings in Unicron in the next film.
Eat a dick Michael Bay.