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@gumperman I gotcha. Yeah, hopefully the script will garner some highly respected names in the directing field should Fincher not come back. I'd be surprised if it didn't.
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@brian @movieweb Sorry to be a pest, but can we get an image for this, too? Thanks.
Is this 1992?
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Not at all what I was expecting. Looks weird, but good.
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DiCaprio & Inarritu? This will be legit.
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@gumperman Think so? Granted, Fincher would've been my first option, but an Aaron Sorkin script should be great no matter who directs.
One of the five best shows right now. Spacey really brings the heat as Congressman Frank Underwood. If not for McCounaughey's brilliant performance in True Detective, he would be my pick to win at next year's Emmy's/Globes.
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@thedude-abides -- Yo, man. How've you been?
  • @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx Pretty good, man. Just been working on this screenplay I'm trying to enter into this contest next month. How about you?
  • @thedude-abides -- Cool, cool. Not too shabby, man. Keeping occupied, that's for sure. I just noticed you watch Bates Motel, dude. My younger brother is completely caught up with that show, and really likes it. HBO and skepticism is the only reason I haven't seen the pilot. How is it, man?
  • @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx It's really good man. I've still gotta catch up on Madmen and Game of Thrones, but I'd say it's easily one of the 5-best shows on t.v. right now. Vera Farmiga really brings the heat as Mrs. Bates.
  • @thedude-abides -- Good to hear. Just about to watch two episodes of Game of Thrones, now. Let me know when you're caught up with it, man.
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thedude-abides posted in the forum: Movieweb convention
I would consider doing this if it were an actual, sanctioned event by movieweb, and if long-time MW users like Dan, Narrator, and Bawnian-Dexeus would be there. Otherwise, count on me not being there.
Whomever said that quote is my hero for two reasons: The first is because they're right. Films like this are where you make your money on the back end, not upfront. And the second reason is because he/she inadvertently called commercial films not quality.

On a more serious note, I think there's more brewing beneath the surface here than just a high dollar demand by Fincher. Sounds like he and Sony have been at odds since Dragon Tattoo.
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Love the choice of music. Can't wait to see it.