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WOW! Anybody else feel like they don't need to see this now? That's the whole friggin thing right there
The_Fallen_One reviewed the movie Final Destination 5

"A huge step back in the right direction !!!"
The_Fallen_One reviewed the movie The Green Hornet

"After all this time we get to take the Black Beauty for another spin!"
The_Fallen_One reviewed the movie Buried

"A great,truly scary thriller that is'nt bogged down by typical hollywood bullsh*t."
  • The_Fallen_One gave it 0.5 star

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can anybody tell me what song this is?

"A nice throwback to the horror movies of old!"

"On par with any of hollywood's gaggle of A-list musicals.If your a musical fan and even if your not,give this one a shot."
the final words of your argument prove that you have no taste in movies. That is all.
good argument babe!But while you may have hardcore Rob Zombie fans behind you,and theres a suprising bunch of you!I am however unflinching in his directorial inadequacy!He would have been at home in the eighties when horror was just getting reeeeal good but now as the audience we wanna see something new!You can cover a piece of dog sh*t in silver...but its still a hunk of sh*t!And if trying to shock us with psychadelic visuals,recycled plots...or just totally ruining a good horror franchise..(halloween....cough...cough...)is all he can offer he may as well put his camera on the dusty shelf along with his music because when it comes to both hes a f*cking wannabe!BOOYAKASHA!!!!
The_Fallen_One reviewed the movie Punisher: War Zone

"This movie can be alot of fun!If you can overlook its obvious flaws."

"Holy F*cking Ass-Crackers!"
  • The_Fallen_One gave it 5.0 stars

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GK   »  The_Fallen_One
Thanks for the add!
The_Fallen_One reviewed the disc Machine Girl DVD

"As Close To A Live Action Anime You'll Ever See!And A Bloody Good Time!"
The Lost Girl   »  The_Fallen_One
Oh - one more thing. Other great moviewebbers here to chat with is cryptkeeper and Vampire 2000, if you're looking for more friends. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
The Lost Girl   »  The_Fallen_One
Forgot to add. Let me know when you get a review up so I can check it out. I don't always cick on "reviews". Thanks!
The Lost Girl   »  The_Fallen_One
Goodmorning. Thanks for the post and taking an interest in my movies/profile. I commented on a few of yours, so check them out. I'm surprised the few I've gotten thru had no previous comments! Your reviews are good. Well, off to look at more. BTW - I'm here in CA. Where are you, if I may ask?
The Lost Girl   »  The_Fallen_One
oops....I meant "and", not "annd". lol