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What does "mentor" even mean? It's so vague. Is Nolan producing, writing, greenlighting scripts, or what? Are they giving him final say over all development decisions? It's hard to comment meaningfully without some clarity about what his actual job is.

But, maybe WB is concerned that the world hasn't been given a sweeping, thematically deep cinematic presentation of the Superman mythos. That's legit. I hope that's what they take from Batman's success, not just the need to be "dark and edgy." Getting Nolan involved shows that maybe their heads are in the right place. Maybe.

I have not seen Superman Returns, though.
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I must be the only one who's not totally jazzed by this. One, it seems like they give everything away. Right down to the retirement home metaphor. We even know who the villains are probably going to be. Two, what they show seems... not quite up to par? The dialogue and humor is kinda lame. Good lord, there's a poop joke. But maybe the trailer's lying and this will turn out great. I certainly hope so. I shouldn't expect less from Pixar.

And what's with some of you ragging on Toy Story 2? Admitted, I do prefer the first, but neither of them could be said to be less than stellar films. Explain yourselves!
I'm not making any judgments until we get enough information. You know, at least wait until they start production. That said, it's good that they're considering an actual teenager for the role. Since the character's origin is a metaphor for growing up, maybe they'll put more focus on his life as a teenager.
Am I going to have to wear f*cking goggles at movie theaters from now on?
  • Ha! Yeah dude... sheesh!
I just hope the actual movie doesn't feature this kind of sh*tty metal soundtrack.

Plus, does anyone else think they kind of ruined it a little by showing every single monster? They should've only teased at the Kraken.
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"The NSA, the CIA, the Special Forces. We are not them. Those guys make use of surveillance technology, espionage and meticulous tactics. We blow sh*t up."

They could not have cut a more boring trailer for this sh*t. The big text emphasizing little soundbites of dialogue do not make up for it. Oh, look. Zoe Saldana, the mystery chick, will have sex with Jeffrey Dean Morgan before the end of this. Guess we know how this will wrap up.
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Apparently, the word is now "Shipoopi".
What's with you guys and wishing for film versions of fighting games and anime?

Anyway, I'd be kind of interested in a Star Wars set between Episodes III and IV, which depicts the early years of the Rebellion and how they grew from a tiny fringe movement to a fully armed force to contend with the Empire. I'm done with Star Wars movies, but I think it could work as a mini-series. With minimal Lucas involvement.

Speaking of which, I've been thinking about having the basic story of Star Wars retold, but with many of the story tropes and moral/ethical assumptions contained in the original saga turned on their heads. I doubt I'd be the one writing, though.
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CANCELLED. It seems that Sony has opted to resolve the script issue by dropping the project completely, along with the main cast and crew. They have instead opted to shoot for a reboot of the whole cow:

As much as I love rubbing strangers-of-the-internets' noses in my sh*t, I have decided not to dig up the old thread in which I posted a long rant basically saying that I'd prefer a reboot to a continuation of the current series.

That said, this doesn't mean I'm excited about this (just yet), and given that Sony's got some blood on its hands for the previous fiasco of the series, they could still f*ck this up big time. And, of course, just because a reboot worked for Batman, doesn't mean that it will automatically refresh Spidey as well. It's going to require talent and effort.

I fully expect the rest of you to be pissed and dismissive of this whole thing.
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Sure, and you can draw the same kinds of parallels with Star Trek, Dune, Lord of the Rings, Flash Gordon, samurai films (try Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress, in particular), etc. etc. etc. All use tried and true story elements and tropes common to the adventure and fantasy genres. Star Wars is in no way original in any of the aspects you listed; they can be traced back even farther than modern fiction through history.

I recommend to you this website, which does a good job of compiling the origins of all kinds of Star Wars features:
Christoph Waltz of Inglourious Basterds, anyone? Sam Worthington and Chris Pine are good runners up, but this guy's probably got an Oscar ahead of him.
Christopher Hitchens, "God is Not Great". I also picked up "The Demon-Haunted World" by Carl Sagan the other day and plan on getting into that later.
Why hasn't this guy's IP address just been banned?
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I just noticed that too. The threads seem to be in random order on the boards. Plus, you apparently can't quote people anymore. Almost seems like we're devolving here.

Brian and comrades, I know you're trying to keep Movieweb current by making social networking an increasing aspect of the site. That's hip, but can we keep the forums separate? I like the discussion format.
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I don't really mind the changes to the rest of the site, but I can't say I'm a fan of this new forum layout.

I know all changes may be off-putting at first, and may just take getting used to. There's one change that I absolutely do not like: the ordering of the posts. Can we at least bring back the chronological ordering of the posts so people can read the discussions normally?

I also thought the red was a little more warm and inviting. But whatever.
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Given how much people love football, it's not hard to see why they'd be so aghast.

Still, you can't deny that it's badass.
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I was just wondering how this thread merged with the other one.


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